We have been hearing for a long time that the Samsung Galaxy S is coming to T-Mo. A few days ago, we saw the Samsung Galaxy S passing the FCC with T-Mobile 3G bands, where we assumed that the device is headed to T-Mo. While AT&T announced the Samsung Galaxy S as Samsung Captivate, T-Mobile will be launching the Galaxy S as Samsung Vibrant/ T-Mobile Vibrant. The folks over at Cellphone Signal got their hands on the first leaked press shots of the Samsung Vibrant. The AT&T Captivate features a fully changed design (I like that design), but the T-Mo Vibrant is only slightly different. You can easily see that the front hardware buttons are different as compared to the original Samsung Galaxy S (these are the buttons that we saw on the Galaxy S Pro), and you can also see the Galaxy S logo the back (image below), which is not on the original phone. We know that AT&T is launching the Captivate soon, and Verizon is also planning to unleash their next generation of Droids. It’s a smart move by T-Mobile, and it’s good that they are now considering on some high-end phones finally not on GPS. Now the question remains: when is it coming? According to rumors, we have to wait for a month because T-Mo will be launching this phone by July 21st.

The device will also come with some goodies like a pre-installed version of Sims 3, “Avatar” the movie, Amazon’s Kindle app, native GoGo in-flight internet support, and HD video recording capabilities. You can check the specs of the phone over at AndroidSPIN device database. Head over to CellPhone Signal for more shots.

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Source: CellPhone Signal via Phandroid