SurfaceFlinger Brings A New Life To Your Battery By Showing Off OLED Technology


Somehow this story was overlooked and we do apologize for the delay, but you all have to see this. In a series of tests, Google engineer Jeff Sharkey shows us the effects of OLED technology on Android devices using OLED displays. These devices include the Google Nexus One, the HTC Droid Incredible and the Samsung Galaxy S. He tested his study using the AMOLED display on the Google Nexus One to demonstrate using the system-wide screen composer, SurfaceFlinger.

By using SurfaceFlinger, Jeff was able to push a certain hue to display more than others and in turn, could measure the OLED impact on the battery life by the number of LED’s it takes to push the hue. Depending on the device, colors are pushed more than others. Battery life is significantly impacted depending on which colors are being used more often.

As you can see from the chart, this best explains the results of using certain hues. With the hue set to red, you can increase your batter life 50% compared to the default color. Settings uses the least power as AMOLED technology turns off each LED/pixel which brings the display to “true” black, ultimately using minimal power.

Ultimately, people are going to use their device how they want to. The technology is out there and as we learn from Jeff Shockey, there is definitely ways to save power. Some general power savings tips include: making sure your GPS, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi settings are turned off when not in use and setting your display to minimal brightness.

Head over to Jeff Sharkey’s Blog and read more. I tell you, the man’s a genius.

Source: Jeff Sharkey Blog

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  • Thizz

    So…is the AMOLED or OLED screen better?

  • Thizz

    So…is the AMOLED or OLED screen better?

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