ROM: jsoneng’s HTC EXPRESSO STYLE SENSE Android 2.2 v0.1 For HTC Desire


jsoneng has released an update to [HTC SENSE FROYO] HTC EXPRESSO STYLE SENSE Android 2.2 v0.1.Now at version v0.1.

v0.1 (jsonengExpressoFroyo) Details:

– optimization done, almost no auto forced reboot. (do report again)
– removed Google maps
– added bruts maps (latest)
– added titanium backup
– added Samsung Live wallpapers (if the wallpaper force closed pls reinstall the apk via:
– Circle Mod Battery icon with %
– Most things are keep to as stock as possible..

Rom Base Details:

* Android 2.2 Froyo (FRF-85B)
* Kernel
* New Radio
* New Base v2.04
* 720p Video recorder
* Native APP2SD
* App Sharing
* Car Panel
* Plurk
* Torcia
* Wi-Fi Hotspot
* ..and much more!

Head over to jsoneng’s AndroidSPIN Developer Homepage for more information and downloads.

About the Author

Alex Smith
I once served in the USMC from 02'-08' I purchased the G1 in 2008 and then watched the Android OS turn the mobile world upside down. I then got the Nexus One followed by the Samsung Vibrant. I also have the HD2 running Shubcraft CM6. I've been following the Android community for a while now and couldn't be happier doing anything else. "Go Green, get -C}[\][D[R[-][][D-"

  • k6997

    Does it work on nexus one?

  • k6997

    Does it work on nexus one?

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