Last month we learned that HP had shelved an Android tablet that was supposedly to hit the market in Q4. Early this morning, Engadget reported of an HP tablet passing through the FCC and since their initial post, they have received numerous tips revealing that this HP tablet is actually an Android-based e-reader-focused device. According to their tipsters, the Zeen features the ability to interface with their Zeus printer.

Rumored Features of the HP eStation Zeen include:

  • Capacitive touch tablet
  • Running Android 2.1 with an HP skin on top
  • SD card slot
  • Video support
  • Focused as an e-reader
  • This device is rumored to be coming in two configurations
    • $399 bundle comes with Zeus printer
    • Stand alone device and the price is uncertain.

Many of us are waiting to see what comes out of HP since their Palm acquisition, and by the looks and limited information available so far, I think we could see some pretty interesting devices.

Source: Engadget

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