Back in July I brought to your attention an application called Ownskin by madwolfchin, which would allow you to create your own live wall papers. At the time it wasn’t fully available and pretty limited, not anymore. The app is now live and the only requirement is that your device is running a version of Android that currently supports live wallpapers.

First step is to go to the Android Market and download Ownskin. (Go to their website for the app to side load.)

Second, register an account at Ownskin. Once you are all set up, you can start creating your own masterpieces to be shared with the world.

There are many options for you to tinker with.

  • Choose the number of screens you want from 1-7.
  • Wallpaper – You can choose from a set of preloaded or load your own.
  • Stickers – Preloaded choices or add your own. You can also adjust the size. Supports animated GIF files as well.
  • Analog clock – Preloaded choices or add your own. You can also adjust the size.
  • Digital clock – Preloaded choices or add your own. You can also adjust the size.
  • Calendar – Only available options are preloaded for use.
  • Battery Icon – Many to choose from but again only preloaded are available. You can also adjust the size.
  • Compass – 3 to choose from right now no option to add your own. You can also adjust the size.
  • 24 Hours Picture – Not sure what this option is as there is nothing in the folder to view.


Once you create a LWP you like, you can save and you can name your wallpaper, add a description, add tags and choose if you want to share it or keep it private. Now that you have the information filled in select submit. That’s all there is to it.

Now to get your wallpaper loaded to your phone. On your device go to your Ownskin application, on the right hand side you will see a tab that reads ‘ By Me’; tap on it, and sign in with the username and password you set up on the web and you will now have access to your wallpapers.

Now that you have it sitting in front of you there is more control options. Select edit and now you can change the following:

  • Change icon size
  • Change the icon transparency
  • Rotate the icon
  • Select animation speed and direction
  • Move them to different locations or screens

My favorite aspect of this application is the on phone customization. It is not limited to just your own creations. Every wallpaper you download can be twisted around to your liking. Makes it easy to take my wallpaper and move the icons to where you want them or add or remove them. It is quite nice.

This combination of web based interface and on phone app makes it a breeze to whip something up in no time.

Now the website itself supports a lot more then just the creation of live wallpapers. It has support for Blackberry, Nokia, Motorola and a whole host of other devices that aren’t Android based. I looked through some of the other stuff available and it is quite extensive. I also spent a little time in the forums section and found many users and posts with a huge selection of images to get your hands on if you wish. I also put a couple wallpapers together my self just to see how easy it was and I found it to be very simple. I have no doubt more options will become available as time goes on. I am also positive some of you will know a lot more and be able to create some really nice additions to the public collection. What are you waiting for? Go get creating!

Source: xda-developers