In Germany’s latest Samsung Newsletter, Samsung unveiled a new power pack that actually engulfs your Galaxy S and doesn’t look half bad. For those of you who stay on your device 24/7, here’s the case for you. No one really likes those extended battery covers that turn your device into a weapon. This sleek looking case will be coming in the near future and the user who sent this in to Eurodroid said that this case adds additional talk time up to 8.5 hours or 500 hours of addition stand-by time. This physical addition may bother some, but if you want more battery life you’ll have to accept it. Pricing and availability of this power pack is currently unavailable, but we’ll keep you posted as soon as this device hits the market.

The description of the power pack translates:

The Samsung I9000 Galaxy S is one of the most powerful mobile phones on the market. To use this power to move even more comprehensive, it is with the Power Pack EBB-U10 perfectly matching battery extension. The Samsung I9000 Galaxy S is there simply implanted “and already it has enough power for up to an additional 8.5 hours of talk time or up to 500 hours standby. The testers are, moreover, agreed by the Bank: The Samsung I9000 Galaxy S is found in the top rankings ever before and need no other phone to hide. Example is the good test results with CHIP, and connect online

Via: Eurodroid

What do you think about this battery case?

  • MC Pee Pants

    Aww! This doesn’t look half bad.

    The Galaxy S is SO thin and light already that this addition wouldn’t make much of difference.

    Too bad it would look ridiculous on the Epic 4G and really would make it a brick! 😛

  • Hifever004

    Man, I’m really digging how this looks. Can’t wait for more info on it!

  • rowanator

    Doesn’t look like it’d fit the Captivate (not that version, anyway), and I have to say I wouldn’t get it since the USB power connector would make fit funny in my pocket.

  • Anonymous

    Could be great. Although, what’s cooler than the Galaxy S series, is samsung’s plan for a new 3d Phone!


    I WANT IT!!!! When is it dued? I can’t find it anywhere… :-(


    I WANT IT!!!! When is it dued? I can’t find it anywhere… :-(

  • Blodhemnuk

    Any update on a release date?

  • Gadgets

    The folks over at EFO are at it again, this time they’ve got something of interest for you iPhone 4 owners out there who want more battery life.