If you have been listening to the AndroidGuys podcast, you may have just heard Kyle make an awesome announcement. T-Mobile has committed an unknown number of T-Mobile G2’s in support of the Big Android BBQ.

As if the Big Android BBQ wasn’t already the biggest Android event of the year, this will hopefully provide some of the attendees at the Big Android BBQ event their very own, FREE, T-Mobile G2.  It’s still not confirmed how many devices will be provided and HTC’s production schedule may be one deciding factor, but the fact that we are expected to have T-Mobile G2’s at the event is simply awesome.

We’ve been working our butts off getting schedules synchronized, sponsors lined up, guest speakers and much much more to make the Big Android BBQ “THE” event of the year.  We need your support to make it happen and help us to make this successful enough and then turning it into an annual event will be a possibility.  So please spread the word and let the community know this amazingly exciting news.  If you ever had a reason to get your wallet out and purchase your tickets, this is it!

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  • Method15

    Thats awesome me and my girl friend are going to be heading over friday night from Houston. If the G2 is released in september 29 though I will already have one but it would be great to win another one.

  • http://twitter.com/GetJustice Michael Justice

    Just don’t use Android to “syncronize your schedules” with outlook, otherwise you’ll never make it to your BBQ. While your there though, could you quiz the android folks on why a seamless solution for syncronizing outllook directly to an android phone without exchange or the google cloud being involved has not been created in over 2 years????

  • http://www.androidspin.com Simon N. Walker

    I’m guessing they want you to use the Google services and not sync directly so you you go and view their pages. It’s all in page views and advertising you see.
    I’ll be sure to see what can be found out if we get some face time for this type of questions.