In the latest leaked image, it looks like the T-Mobile G2 will be launching on September 29th, which lines up perfectly with our previous speculation. The T-Mobile G2, as we know, is the successor of the very first Android device to hit the market, giving us the first Android OS experience and will be the first HSPA+ device. As we’ve seen in the leaked T-Mobile roadmap, the HTC Vanguard was tagged with the date 9/9.

The official G2 site has gone live and I recommend heading over there and signing up to receive the latest official information about this innovative device. As we know, the G2 features a slide out full-QWERTY keyboard and is also running Qualcomm’s latest MSM7x30 chipset which is rumored to bring multi-media to the next level. So get your funds together, because this device should be available for pre-order soon.

Via: TMOnews

Does September 29th sound good to you?

  • lay_me_down

    Thank goodness t-mobile is stepping up their game.
    I seriously need an upgrade from the Mytouch I have. It just seems that running any rom based on android 2.x just kills it’s performance :( It’s like that import car you see every now and then that has a coffee can exhaust tip that makes a lot of noise but doesn’t go anywhere.. I mean no offense to anybody out there modding their import car since my personal vehicle has a Honda powertrain.

  • Method15

    I agree somewhat I have the mytouch and I was just about to get the vibrant in a few days but now I’m going to wait for this. Android 2.1 on the mytouch I have runs awesome. My phone has never been as fast as it is now I haven’t even bothered going to the newest Cyanogen 2.2 because I’m fine with it just how it is.

  • Anonymous

    Im a tad confused… everyone keeps calling this the “first HSPA+ phone,” but Its my understanding that a lot of current devices (Including the G1) are HSPA+ compatible. Am I missing something?

    • Guest

      yes, HSPA+ means, this phone has an antenna capable of HSPA+ speeds/network bandwidth. When they say the G1 is HSPA+ capable, it means that it can connect to the network, but it will still be limited to the 5 mbps (if i’m correct) 3g antenna that is connected to it because HSPA+ is backwards compatible.

      It’s just like saying, G2 is the first PS3 game, but the G1 is still compatible with the PS3 (WARNING: this analogy was based on the first PS3 systems where it was compatible with PS1 and PS2 games)