The T-Mobile G2 is coming and as the successor to the G1 and being T-Mobile’s first HSPA+ device, this will be a huge launch for T-Mobile. Looking in the G2 system dump and seeing these images, this is obviously not HTC’s Sense UI. The G2 features a “Z” hinge which easily reminds us of the G1 and although the keyboard does not look the same, it still looks sexy. The G2 is rumored to be launched on the 29th, but like everything else, details and specs could change.

Via: Android Central

What do you all think of the G2?

  • DipdCrown

    Is this supposed to be htc’s Droid killer? (Oh, BTW…1st!)

  • Sivarter

    oh come on, top pictures :) i know it “should” have a 3.5 jack, but so far i havnt seen one. is it september 29th yet?

  • Drepope100

    droid killer?? its all android!!!!!

    • Joel Brauer

      OMG, can people PLEASE stop saying that droid is android and android is droid. Droid is a marketing term created by Verizon to market some of their android devices. Verizon Droid line devices are android, but Android is NOT droid.

      When people say Droid ( and they know what they are talking about) they are referring to the Verizon (Motorolla) Droid that they released last November.

  • Anonymous

    i wish we could get some pics of the top and other side! i know there is no mention of an hdmi out anywhere but we all know how shady the specs leaks have been. would be cool to see if it has one. also if tmo hasn’t learned from the g1 that 3.5 jack is a must, and there isn’t one, ur gonna see a lot of pissed off posts.

  • Joseph Allen

    I completely agree, Droid users seriously piss me off, I feel as if Verizon/Moto had NO right naming the phone that.

  • Zed

    Looks like a nice successor to the mighty G1…….though looks like a grey Nexus One in the 1st pic.

  • androidEyez

    If the my touch slide has a 3.5 jack then rest asure so will this it is a Nexus One with a keyboard and a few more extra specs and it runs raw android so this will
    be the device with the most custom ROM’s this is a key reason why I will buy this
    phone anybody else agree?

  • Sivarter

    thats what they get for having horrible customer service

  • Pete

    What are the spec? I hope it has a 1Giga Hertz processor or better. I have been waiting for an upgrade from my G1.

  • yasuya

    well they paid for the right to call it that since droid is registered to lucas arts inc.

  • Jeff

    0.02 dollars or 0.02 cents
    no difference, right? XD

  • Jp6478

    Wont buy a new phone unless it has the 5th row, this pic makes it look like a myTouch slide or the HTC VISION i am disappointed if this is supposed to be the successor to the G1………..

  • mghtyred

    “0.02 dollars or 0.02 cents
    no difference, right? XD”

    Big difference.

    0.02 dollars = 2 cents. 0.02 cents = a fraction of a penny.