The Samsung Galaxy Tab is filled with many features that trump the iPad, especially the wireless printing feature. Wireless printing can print images from your gallery and even web pages that you’re browsing by simply going into the menu and then selecting “print.” After selecting “print” you’ll then need to choose your wireless printer and wham bam, thank you ma’am, you’re done. Don’t believe us? Check out the video below!


Via: TheDroidGuy


Can your iPad do that?

  • John

    This tab is looking to good to be true. Can’t wait for the price tag and the catch. What’s the bad news or is everything I’m hearing and seeing is the real deal.

    • Lindsey

      LOVE my tablet, no complaints, everything might seem to good to be true but it’s legit for half the price of an i love , love! !

  • Shelby

    In November, yeah… the iPad can.
    So why only the Tab? When is this coming to my Moto Droid?



  • Elbin Cabrera

    how can i print in a POS PRINTER

  • Stevencbradbury

    but my tablet does not pick up my printer. how do I set it up?

  • Stevencbradbury

    but my tablet does not pick up my printer. how do I set it up?

  • Nite_luvr

    how are you supposed to print coupons??

  • 06922384

    The SAMSUNG GALAXY TABLET can ONLY PRINT if you have a SAMSUNG WIRELESS PRINTER! However, go to the ANDROID MARKET & download ann app called:  PRINTER SHARE, it cost about $2.99 if I rememer correctly! PRINTER SHARE will let you print from ANY WIRELESS PRINTER and it will let you print just about anything on you Tablet & it works very good!

    • Terrence

      The app is $12.95…FYI

  • Jock

    I have the Hp 3052A printer ,from Wal-mart
    $70.00, and their app and eprintcenter and it works well.
    I an experimenting with it as I have only had it for a couple of days.
    I have printed various documents,pdf,and pictures so far. Iam happy with the results.

    • Kerri

      Does the printer have to be plugged into internet to be able to print from the Samsung Galaxy tablet?

      • Stormy Beach

        Yes, the printer needs to be a Wi-Fi enabled printer to be able to print your docs or photos. There are new apps out there since this was put out though. Many will sync to your PC and let you print remotely.

        • Kerri

          Thanks. I have a “wireless printer” but I guess I need to buy a “bluetooth” printer.

        • Stormy Beach

          Hmm. Thought the video showed how to print ad he said all you need is a wireless printer on the same network to pick it up.

        • Simon Walker

          Yiu can also use google cloud printing service from any Android device.
          I use it frequently.

  • xboy

    In the video you canbet that printer is on a local network. I say that b/c my freind wanted me to hook up her eprinter toher Galaxy 10. No router, no PC, no cable, DSL, etc.. just the tablet and the printer folks. I am good and was able to get it to print .PDF’s but not jpg’s. And even that I had to use the tethering with her Hotspot acct with verizon, instead of the WiFi. I also, had to utilize Google Cloud Print, and Google Docs. Believe me, it doesn’t look pretty. So, I am going to now purchase a router and we’ll see if that will provide and environment to where the WiFi will work, b/c that’s what it is going to take evidently. Bottom line… you cannot find a single commnet on the internet where someone actuallymade this work natively (Tab + printer, no network) period. This is a case where the technology assumes too much.

  • Alex

    What’s wrong with the engineers at Samsung? The tablet is great but unlike the ipad, it will only printer to a wireless samsung printer. If you want to print to another wireless printer you have to buy a $13 app. That’s just crazy. Do they really think people will go out and buy their printer? Be more like apple and let the product work with ANY wireless printer.

    • Trebor D

      But then they would get sued by apple :-)

    • T

      I agree! My high school daughter is probably taking this back for an apple! To many of the features she wants are not compatable. Emojis snapchat wireless printing…

  • beedee

    Gave this tablet as a gift to someone and finding it very
    user unfriendly and loaded with samsung only bloat.
    The last straw was it only wants to print to a samsung printer.
    I use hpeprint from an android phone and have no problem,
    With the tab 7, the hp app must be used for all browsing if you wish
    to print.
    Option is to go look it up again on the computer then print it.

    Last Samsung item for my family

  • birdman

    I was expecting more from this tab 2. printing a simple page is not easy. I have a Canon wireless printer and it only recognizes a samsung. I can print photos with the canon app, and pdf files with printbot. I guess I’m spoiled by using my iphone and printing anything I want. I guess I can buy a cheap samsung laser to print from the tab. I don’t want to offend the person who gave me the tab as a gift. Better off with an ipad.