O2 has begun rolling out Android 2.1 to their Dell Streak users today as we have received multiple reports from users receiving the update. Dell recently stated that they were going to skip Android 2.1 and go straight to Android 2.2 and O2 had taken it upon themselves to push Android 2.1 to hold their users over until Froyo finally arrived.

Paul O’brien over at MoDaCo has stated via Twitter that the update is coming pre-rooted. He stated in the MoDaCo forums:

To test, enable USB debugging then…

adb shell

…and you’ll probably see you’re root.

Interesting… particularly as this is an enormous security hole. I see no reason why any app can’t call the su binary, elevate itself to root privileges and do all sorts of naughty things!


PS This is the official OTA download from O2!

We’re not sure if O2 realized this security hole or if they do know and pushed the update anyway. If you haven’t been prompted for the update, go into settings and check for a system update and enjoy your Eclair.

Thanks Liam!

Anyone else enjoying Eclair yet from the OTA?