O2 Pulls Froyo Update for HTC Desire Users


Everyone wants Android 2.2 on their device, but UK Desire users on 02 updated that they received a buggy 2.2 which led to reports of freezes and device crashes. After receiving these reports from their users, HTC quickly pulled the update and posted a statement in the O2 forums.

“Hi all
As some of you will have noticed the Android 2.2 Froyo update for HTC Desire on O2 went live this morning. While we’re pleased that so many of you have been able to download it successfully and are enjoying the benefits of 2.2, we have seen that a small number of people are having problems installing the update.

While we check out these issues we’re putting the 2.2 update on hold. We’ll update you as soon as possible and would like to thank our HTC Desire customers for their patience.


If you have yet to upgrade your device, you can probably find the O2 update.zip floating around somewhere. We would recommend that you leave that one alone until O2 can push a bug-free version of 2.2 to your device.

Via: TalkAndroid

Did your HTC Desire have any problems after receiving the update?

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  • Rashid199

    just got my update now and i love it work fine thankxx :)

  • Rashid199

    just got my update now and i love it work fine thankxx :)

  • Rashid199

    just got my update now and i love it work fine thankxx :)

  • Jaynifa

    I’m with Vodafone and lately my HTC desire keeps crashing severly when a call comes in…can only get it back on by removing the battery for a while….this seems to happen since I got the froyo update…cant find anything else on the net about it…feel like at the moment its only me who is experiencing this!…?

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