Leaked Boot Animation from the Motorola Droid R2-D2


The official boot animation for the upcoming Star Wars Empire Strikes Back Special Edition Motorola Droid 2 was eaked late last night. The bootanimation.zip is currently available below for all of you who want to take your inner geek to the next level. Below is a video of the boot animation in action. Enjoy!

Grab the bootanimation.zip

*For both rooted and non-rooted users.  Separate instructions though.

*Should work on almost any phone, Droid 1 and Droid X for sure.

Instructions (rooted users):

Download the bootanimation.zip file from above to your SD card.
Open Root Explorer and copy the file to /data/local.
Reboot your phone and enjoy your new boot animation.

Instructions (non-rooted users):

*You will need the Android SDK installed to do this.  Instructions here.

Download the bootanimation.zip file from above to your PC.
Move the file into your android-skd/tools folder.
Make sure nothing is selected and hold SHIFT+right click inside your tools folder.
Choose “open command window here.”
Type in the following commands:

adb push bootanimation.zip /data/local
adb reboot

Your phone will reboot with your new boot animation

Via: Droid-Life

Anyone try this yet? How do you like it?

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Alex Smith
I once served in the USMC from 02'-08' I purchased the G1 in 2008 and then watched the Android OS turn the mobile world upside down. I then got the Nexus One followed by the Samsung Vibrant. I also have the HD2 running Shubcraft CM6. I've been following the Android community for a while now and couldn't be happier doing anything else. "Go Green, get -C}[\][D[R[-][][D-"

  • Fdfdfd

    I just downloaded it and tried it out. It looks ok.. something different than the thousands of floating android bootscreens.. ha ha ha. I’ll keep it since I’ve been a Star Wars fan since 1977.

  • damien

    does it work on other phones?

  • tmogeek

    Anyone know the directory to use this with the nexus 1 running CM6.

  • Thegman

    Uh this phone takes forever to boot. The Vibrant could boot 3 times in the time it takes that phone to boot once.

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