Here’s an interesting use of Android. Meet the Looxcie Wearable Camera. It looks like a bluetooth headset on steroids, and in fact that is what it partially is. Looxcie is also a digital camera that can record video with 480×320 resolution at 15FPS onto an internal 4GB flash drive, for a total of 5 hours of footage.

How does Android come in you wonder? Looxcie also comes with an Android app that works as the editing tool which will allow you to use your Android phone as a viewfinder, video editor, and remote control. Here’s what else Looxcie can do:

  • Automatic focus, automatic light adjustment with a 62-degree field of view
  • 10-hour battery life
  • Instant clip capture of the last 30 seconds of recording while continuing to record
  • Incoming calls will mute audio recording for privacy
  • Instant sharing to email, Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter

All in all, Looxcie seems pretty neat, but my first thought was that the videos would look like the shaky-cam from hell. I was wrong, check out the demo video below:

Looxcie works with most Android devices running 2.x; the officially supported devices are:

  • HTC- Aria, Nexus One, Evo, Incredible
  • Motorola- Droid, Droid 2, Droid X
  • LG- Ally
  • Samsung- Capivate

Looxcie will be available on Amazon for about $199. You can read more about Looxcie at their site.

Source: Electronista

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    Fap fap fap

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    This product was in popular science mag

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    Could be just the hardware needed to create useful apps for wireless broadband. Imagine a field tech getting remote support or a law enforcement officer collecting evidence or using it feed video to a supervisor.