Thanks to XDA member DarkStone, HD2 owners now have a beta ROM of the HTC Desire HD that was announced along with the HTC Desire Z last week. During the event in London, HTC unveiled their new HTC Sense, which is a much more enhanced version of their UI, that packs some pretty interesting features. We have provided some screenshots from DarkStone’s Desire HD port giving you all a little inside look at what these new HTC Sense devices will feature.

As you can see above, during the account set up there is another option where you can create an HTC Sense account that syncs with, opening up new features like backing up your device and the new phone locator feature.

The image to the above left is the new HTC eReader application that comes with the new HTC Sense UI and the other image is HTC’s Hub application, where you can download more “skins” for the device and other media.

A new interesting feature is the HTC Likes app which shows you applications that HTC recommends and at the top you can scroll left or right through the various featured applications. The other image shows the notification bar and as you can see, HTC has added a nice feature where you can find the last applications used and scroll through them.

Another interesting features in HTC Sense is the “Scenes” feature where you can try different homescreen setups or even save your custom ones.  HTC has stepped their game up offering their new “Skins” feature which allows you to pick through 5 pre-designed skins that modify each widget, status bar and launcher in a matter of seconds. As you can see the Metal skin to the left and the Woodgrain skin to the right.

HTC has definitely improved their Sense UI and those of you who will soon be getting the HTC Desire HD and HTC Desire Z have a little more to look forward to. Below you can find DarkStone’s developer link that takes you to his Desire HD port  if you’re looking to flash this ROM to your HD2. Enjoy!

Head over to DarkStone1337’s AndroidSPIN Developer Homepage for more information and downloads.

  • Freal

    umm in case you didnt know you dont “FLASH” roms to an hd2 u copy an Android folder to your SD Card and then goto file explorer and launch clrcad.exe for audio to work (nothing will happen) then launch haret.exe the rest is done automatically!

    • Alex Smith

      Flash sounds much easier than writing out the real process. Trust me, I have an HD2 thanks for your comment though.

      • m_jest

        Could of just wrote ‘run’ or ‘install’ XD
        Still waiting for the bugs to be ironed on this build, but this is definitely going to be “running” on my HD2 soon. Can’t wait to see what the cooks over at XDA will do with this build once it’s stable.

        • Alex Smith

          Haha, you’re right – I just didn’t want to confuse the non-HDroid2 users

  • Dextermorph

    I have the htc evo and run cm6 kingxkernel, I removed adw n put launcher2 in, I may go back to sense when this gets an evo port,


    Hd2 sounds awesome the phone, that keeps giving,
    @feral so basically android is ran as a program

    • Alex Smith

      Pretty much yes, Android is ran off of the SD card

  • Westley

    I miss the trackball that my G1 has, now that I’ve got HTC Desire HD 2 days ago. Also, the battery life and cam is kinda disappointing.

    But I’m not complaining with the 4.3″ display, fast response (no sign of lag), Android 2.2, more RAM/ROM, HTC Sense’s look & feel like Scene, Skin, Navigation (yet to check out in detail).

  • Westley

    I’m not impressed with HTC Sense online experience for now. Anyone has better experience with their HTC Desire HD or Z like being able to see where it is real time after leaving it in the train?