Verizon has just launched their variant of the Samsung Galaxy S the Samsung Fascinate which is below stacked up to the heavy hitting HTC Droid Incredible. Below you’ll find Wirefly’s Cell Phone Schmackdown go through both devices comparing them physically and how they stack up internally. The Samsung Fascinate is currently running Android 2.1 with Samsung’s TouchWiz 3.0 UI atop and the HTC Droid Incredible features Android 2.2 (Froyo) wight HTC’s Sense UI.

If you’re trying to decide what will be your next device, be sure to check out the detailed video as these two battle it out. Enjoy!

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Via: Wirefly’s YouTube channel

  • Jake

    Why do people continue making these so-called expert video reviews and comparisons when they can’t even get their specs right.

    The Fascinate, as all of the Galaxy S phones, has a screen resolution of 800×480, not 800×400. That resolution doesn’t even make sense. The person in the video even makes a point to state that the Incredible’s 800×480 is higher than the Fascinate’s 800×400, which again, is not correct. They both have the SAME RESOLUTION.

    I can haz his job nao?

  • Steve

    Droid Incredible has an OLED screen too doesn’t it?

  • tim

    This review vid has so many incorrect info. The incredible has an AMOLED display, not an LCD. And agree with Jake, the resolution he stated is incorrect as well. He’d better know his stuff before making reviews like this.

    • Chris

      The original Incredible did have an AMOLED screen but due to supply issues from Samsung who made the screens (which is why the phone was out of stock for months) they were forced to switch to an LCD screen, I believe from Sony. So all of the new Incredible’s will have an LCD (unless you are extremely fortunate to get one of the originals that was back stocked)