The LG Optimus One is an entry-level device with the latest Android software and it fits T-Mobile perfectly as they don’t get too many high-end devices nowadays. There is no official word yet on when this LG device will launch on T-Mobile, but from seeing the image above, this device is rumored to have an interesting feature.

Extended Coverage – Flexibility to make calls using broadband internet connection via Wi-Fi hotspots without using your minutes.

We’re hoping that T-Mobile brings UMA support to their Android device soon, and this LG Optimus could definitely start the trend, but we shouldn’t believe it until we see it.

As this device resembles that of the LG Optimus One, it looks like T-Mobile will be dropping the “One” and keeping it simple. Features of the LG Optimus include:

  • Android 2.2 (Froyo)
  • 3.2-inch HVGA touchscreen
  • 600MHz processor
  • 3-megapixel camera with face tracking and “smile shot”
  • 170MB of internal storage
  • 1500mAh battery

How bad do you all want UMA support on Android devices?

Via: TMOnews

  • Galaxy S

    you ever wonder why this site gets no hits and no comments … its probably because you write dumb comments like “and it fits T-Mobile perfectly as they don’t get too many high-end devices now in days” … what do you call the nexus 1, the galaxy s, the HTC HD2, the g2 and the mytouch HD? sprint has the evo and the galaxy s and att has the galaxy s and the iphone … the only carrier with more high end phones is verizon

    • Alex Smith

      I said that T-Mobile doesn’t get too many high-end devices now in days, the ones they have are the Vibrant, Nexus One, HD2 and I have owned all 3 of these devices that are available today. If you look at the all of the device T-Mobile has launched in the past, T-Mobile has only had 3 worth a damn. I don’t think it’s a dumb comment I think it fits them perfectly. They keep pushing out mid-range and entry-level devices like the Charm, Cliq, MyTouch Slide. For the record, T-Mobile never launched the N1 it was just available through Google for T-Mobile and the T-Mobile G2, which I will own hasn’t launched yet and the MyTouch HD has not been confirmed by T-Mobile. How many high-end devices has T-Mobile launched recently, One- the Samsung Vibrant. ” Now in days” does not mean Janurary or March it means recently.

      and for the record, you commented didn’t you?

  • Cbetso

    Well as far as verizon go their phone get played and out dated like a pair of Jordan. They release a phone to much and to fast. They would release 4 high need phone lease then a few weeks or a month apart out playing the last phone. Beside that their phone are moto and the are lock which is not open source.