Every once in awhile, you find an app that you absolutely love only, to wake up the next morning to notice it has been pulled from the market or no longer available, period. To my chagrin, that is precisely what happened to a favorite app of mine. Then Lo and behold, while thumbing through AppBrain this evening I found a long lost friend and I am quite certain many of you have missed this app just as much as I have. Wait for it……… wait for it…….  Mabilo Ringtones is back! A little heads up if you still have an old version downloaded on your device, it is highly recommended that you delete it before installing the new Mabilo Ringtone app version 5.

If you want to give Mabilo a try, click HERE from your Android device or scan the QR code below. Not much more to say about this, other than enjoy!

  • Anonymous

    Disappearing apps is a real problem…and it is creating a ‘black market’ in ‘banned’ apps. “Girls with Boobs 2” and it’s stable mates are still floating around after being yanked from the Market within 24 hours. 🙂 But where has the starfield simulation live wallpaper gone? The original one? Then “pook” put a new one on the market a few days ago and it has already disappeared. This kind of thing will definitely make many users look to bittorrent and elsewhere for the Vanishing Apps.

  • Lolitalala

    As for me, I use http://audiko.net instead of it..