Will The Sony Playstation 3 Be Getting the Google TV Treatment?


Rumor has it that Sony is apparently bringing the Google TV to its gaming console, the PlayStation 3. According to unverified sources this add-on could hit the gaming console early Spring of 2011. What this could mean is that Google TV could be connected with the gaming console allowing users stream TV content over their PS3. Sweet!

Having Google’s awesomeness on the PlayStation 3 would also give the system a much needed addition – running apps. This will turn it from a gaming console to a true multimedia station. An integration with Google TV could make the PlayStation quite a hot media and entertainment device.

Users will have access to apps like Facebook and Twitter over their PS3 – something that Xbox users already boast of. Such an integration would definitely give the PlayStation a platform to compete with the Xbox which is ahead in streaming services.

I would like to see the Android platform become a part of the PS3 operating system. Wondering if it’s even possible? Yes, it is very possible! Here is a hint. Remember when Sony removed the ‘Other OS’ feature from the PlayStation 3 which removed support for installing Linux? Google TV is based on Android which is based on Linux – just do the math. Don’t forget that PlayStation 3 Tagline: It Only Does Everything.

With Microsoft’s recent announcement to bring U-verse streaming to it’s Xbox gaming console, there is’nt a better time to have this integration in place for the PS3. It just makes sense doesn’t it?

With photos of the Android-based Playstation Phone surfacing and the recent launch of the Sony Google TV, it seems like Sony’s relationship with Google is only getting stronger. Which means, it is the best time to make this happen.

Though the idea seems great, neither Sony nor Google has comfirmed this integration. Which means it’s all just conjecture at this point – I really wish it wasn’t just talk. Will Sony and Google do this, let’s wait and see. For now, keep an eye out for some announcement that might just confirm this.

Source: PlaystationLifeStyle.net

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  • s15274n

    This would be the best thing ever. For me, and Sony. Rumor has it xbox has a trick up it’s sleeve soon too.

  • s15274n

    This would be the best thing ever. For me, and Sony. Rumor has it xbox has a trick up it’s sleeve soon too.

  • Guest

    Do it sony

  • http://www.facebook.com/pridemorena Nathan Pridemore

    This would give me a reason to start using my PS3 again…

  • Bangorip

    Would be great, got a feeling it would be only US ps3’s getting it tho.

  • http://ideals4all.blogspot.com Khush

    There will be lots more happen between Google and Sony.

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