Wirefly put together a short browser speed test between these 2 powerhouse devices to really show you how they can perform. I can’t say I was surprised by the results of this test but it was nice to see the speeds compared side by side. I don’t even have to tell you who wins. I will point out though that this is NOT a test of 4G speeds. This is a test of hardware on the same Wifi connection rendering the same webpages. Take a look at the video and you tell me which one stands out.

My favorite part of the video is not so much that the My Touch 4G beats the iPhone out in both links, but that the My Touch 4G loaded slightly faster even when loading Flash content (of course we all know the iPhone doesn’t support Flash). I’d say this is easily another WIN for Android.

Source: Wirefly

  • Jkhachah

    Andrew, my brother says hi, he thinks your hot right now, seriously right now.

  • Zach

    That picture is definitely my new wallpaper! And I’m not too surprised with the speed, although I was surprised that android loaded faster even with flash! It’ll be even better when the supposed 1.2 GHz Droid global comes out!

    • Ladynike1997

      when does it come out?

    • Mr Money2345

      The mytouch 4g has a 2nd generation snapdragon processer so you can say that the 2nd gen processer is faster than a 1st gen 1.2 ghz so the mytouch would be faster anyway

  • Anonymous

    I would assume the myTouch would be a bit faster, but the test is flowed: the iPhone presents much more of the page on its screen, while the myTouch shows only a small snipped of the page.The way this test is more like comparing two computers, one with 640×480 resolution, one with 1280×800, and getting excited that the one with the lower resolution loads graphics faster.

    Wirefly should know better than this, or they are disingenuous (they don’t sell the iPhone, after all :)

    • 1213123

      Just admit it (the mytouch) is definetly faster.

      Did steve jobs hire you to say this?

      • Anonymous

        those itools are immature fanboys with no knowledge of phones and zoombies of the apple way..and theres a reason they are a fruit..wink wink.

      • Mosthated2400

        I’ve had several android phones, started w the g1, then mytouch, then Cliq, then Nexus One, Switched to sprint and went from the Evo to the Epic, Switched to At&t got the windows phone 7 (samsung Focus, which by the way is ultra lame don’t believe the hype) and ended up w the iphone4. I’ve long been a hater of apple and the iphone, but never really used them before, just was in love w android. To b totally honest, i can’t believe I’m saying this, but I prefer the iphone. First off t-mobile has a terrible network, and video chat on 3g speeds is a nightmare, sprint is much better, but the reality of it is…. the iphone actually works. Never will u see a ” force close” never will u see apps that have nothing to do w ur phone. Its a nice phone, and it always works, decent battery life, excellent selection of apps, once jailbroken, like all my rooted android phones, its even better

    • ed ruuso

      Dumb ass . He zoomed in to click the f…ing video link.Why dont u all go to hell . Steve blow (jobs) can do u in the a…..

      • ural

        No, he is just as smart as his words

      • Selmar23d

        The iPhone shows a full page in higher resolution. The android shows a zoomed version with only a portion of the same page.

        Obviously all too difficult to grasp for illiterate yops like Ed Ruuso.

        • Some internet dude

          That is a setting you can have it show the full page too, but you would not know anything about settings, Jobs likes to clamp down on settings. You know the whole closed system thing. You know you want an Android dude, go for it.

        • Selmar23d

          I’ve had 2 Android phones and I am currently on a Vibrant. But I have also used iPhones and WM. I guess I am not a fanboy, but use whatever I think is best at the time.

          And since you are bringing up settings, whoever did the video should have set the two browsers to download and present the same amount of information — only then would the test have some validity.

        • http://twitter.com/chaoscentral John Pisano

          you do realize that it has to load the ENTIRE page before that bar stops, just because it is showing a smaller portion doesn’t mean the page is any less loaded. It’s not the same thing as rendering graphics, this is loading a webpage over the same connection, I could load up 2 pages on my chrome browser on my desktop one full screen the other a smaller window, doesn’t mean the smaller one will load faster. You are just seeing a smaller portion of that page.On the subject of validity, it clearly shows that the MT4G can load a page AND flash faster than the iPhone can load a page. I think that is pretty clear which is faster, as the MT4G will load the page much quicker than the iPhone if it skipped flash.

        • Anonymous

          boohooo..excuses from another itool

    • Sellcure

      all you have to do is change your options to show full page on my touch 4 g . yes iphone 4 g has better screen but my touch 4 g has flash . I have both iphone 4 g and my touch 4 g and my touch takes the cake… more functions, ease of use, hey guess what no itunes. if you want the best screen on the market get an iphone if you want the best phone on the market get a my touch 4 g.

  • Ladynike1997

    I have a motorola cliq & my bofriend has an evo, my son has a HTC HD2. I’m mad my boyfriend can video chat and I can’t I’m tempted to get a my touch 4g

    • Axel1476

      Get the 4g I have the Cliq too and I’m getting rid of it

  • Some internet dude

    You know at this point you can put any Android phone up against the iPhone and Android will come out on top one way or another, the iPhone is very dated and it just cant keep up with Android at this point. If i was apple i would start making maybe a few diffrent versions of the iPhone, example an economy model an advanced hardware model and so on. But we all know Jobs likes to control his devices so thats not going to happen.

    Android Rules.

  • K Berger

    will an unlocked my touch work on ATT 3g network?

  • Huskies4life

    Android comes out w/ a new phone at least every three months. You cannot even get a new phone until your close to the end of your contract. So next month the 4g will be out dated. At least the iPhone hangs around for awhile. Anyway I like the ease of compatability with I tunes. Just plug and play.