WOW, I wish I had that much spare cash to burn…LOL. Recently launched on the EZGrill channel on YouTube is this latest hilarious showdown between the T-Mobile G2, an iPhone 4 and Windows Mobile 7 device as they take the term “cook off” to an absolute extreme.

The guys at EZGrill actually took the 3 phones and decided to find out which one would last the longest when thrown onto an EZGrill and cooked until crisp.  I’m surprised none of them exploded.  I guess it’s nice to know that if you ever catch fire with a phone in your pocket, your phones not going to blow up on you 🙂

Check out this extraordinary video for yourself below:

By the way folks, please don’t try this at home.  It might not be good for your health.

Extreme Android videos anyone!  What have you seen around?

Source: EZGrill YouTube via Engadget

  • Spider Monkey

    It hurt me so much

    • Simon N. Walker

      OMG. I was watching thinking.. Noooo, what a waste. LOL.

      • Geraldo M. Espinosa

        Same here. Wish I had a G2….

      • Xylomaphoner

        That’s what I thought the whole time. “The are children in Africa without Smartphones that would have cried watching this” LOL

  • cl2eep

    I’m probably one of the few people out there who have actually been on fire with a phone in my pocket. It was Motorola Slvr and it just melted a bit.

  • Rainbowpedobear

    WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY???!!! this is heart breaking 🙁

  • Ray Dull

    I think the G2 actually lasted longer,it looked like the screen just turned off because no one touched it,same with the iphone,that doesn’t look like a omg,i’m on fire,that looks like it turned off the screen.

  • Elvin

    I hate my G2 nice to see it burning 🙂

  • Lolli Shop

    LOL!!!! iHate my iPhone 4s!!!!!!!!! Especially with the new iOS 6 update!!!!!! The iCrap doesn’t even work now and I have no use for it. BURN BABY BURRRRRNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!