Speculation and rumor have been abound the last week or so regarding Gingerbread and the Nexus S. Is it real? Is it fake? Will Gingerbread be out Friday or Monday? We have all sat on the edge of our seats to see what might be next in the world of Android. The last rumor speculated that Gingerbread might be shown off at the Web 2.0 summit that was held today. Although things didn’t go as we all had hopped, there was still some good news located.

Most notably was Eric Schmidt carrying a new device. Its black, its slim, its T-Mobile and its not something that is currently available. Engadget got about a 3 second look at the device in an elevator with Eric. They are calling it “to unpolished to be anything but a prototype”, which doesn’t surprise me either. If you all remember not to long ago the rumors pointed to delays in the device because of a redesign in the shell. Even if it is a prototype at this point, it is still shaping up to be a pretty slick device.

Some were able to get a glimpse at the new Gingerbread UI and the previous images we have seen are accurate. When asked about Gingerbread he did reply with “in the next few weeks.” Generally speaking that means 2 weeks. To others this could be longer. It would line up its release at the end of November. If that rings true, I can start a new rumor, the Nexus S or what have you, might then be out before Christmas. Just saying.

Something that was demonstrated by Eric was the device reading an NFC chip. This will open up a whole new world of payment transactions. These concepts are already in use by some credit card companies and NFC chips are already in use by many public transportation systems. Many of you have seen them and used them already. It is a pretty cool idea. If the device can read NFC chips it will turn your device into a mobile payment center. If it can be used in reverse, then you would be able to swipe your phone in front of these paypass machines to pay for your groceries and other things.

The last really cool thing that was unofficially shown off was the ‘screen off” that will be incorporated with this new device/Gingerbread. The old school blink out like the old CRT monitor days. I forgot how much I liked that till I saw the video. Of course the video below is not from the event today. Rather it has been out for a few weeks. Although it does show a similar “screen off” concept. Via Youtube courtesy of Phandroid.

With all this news with in fingertips of discovery and unveiling I’m starting to go crazy. Thats the point though isn’t it./ The hype gets us going sometimes the hype lets us down in the end. I’m thinking that the hype involved around not only the device but the Gingerbread OS will be more then we hoped for.

What do you guys think?

Source Engadget