The myTouch 4G is a great phone that I’ve had a lot of fun using over the last couple of weeks but one of the biggest drawbacks is the small battery that comes it it. With only a 1400 mAh battery, I was only getting through part of my day before I was down to thirty percent with heavy usage. I used wifi when available, turned off Bluetooth when not in use, and even dropped my display brightness  to 15 percent but it didn’t help.

About a week ago I stumbled across the app Super Power on XDA Developers developed by XDA Senior Moderator Chainfire and have fallen absolutely in love with it. The app is for rooted and non rooted users, although to be able to use the full set of features you need root.

Super Power has control over the following main features:

Cellular data

  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth
  • CPU speed * ROOT *
  • Bands (2G/3G) * ROOT *

All of these features can help improve battery life if managed correctly and can be adjusted based on the following variables:

  • Screen state
  • Wi-Fi network connection state
  • Lock screen visibility state
  • Download speed
  • Foreground application
  • Tethering state
  • Low battery state
  • Charging state

In my time with the app, I’ve seen my battery increase exponentially. Where I would normally have about 35 percent left around 6PM, I now see my battery at around 70 percent. I have my settings set to turn off my cellular data after the screen has been off about 2 minutes and turn it on every hour for about 3 minutes.  Users can also set certain applications to be able to keep the data connection on when the screen is off, like wifi tethering.

The app is available for free through the Android Market and there is a paid add on to remove the adds and nag screen. Scan the barcode to try it out and if it works for you, get the paid version to support an Android Developer and be sure to let us know your results in the comments.

About The Author

I’ve been a tech and gadget enthusiast for many years and have been involved in the wireless industry for the last decade before becoming a blogger. My first smartphone was Windows mobile and switched to the G1 when it was first released and I haven’t looked back. I love what Android brings to the table as far as customization and flashing custom built roms.

  • Simon N. Walker

    Sounds interesting. Ill have to give this a try!

  • Anonymous

    hey, great. an app that disables wifi, bluetooth and 3G by itself. i could never do that by myself. and it can even slow down the cpu so it only takes 20 seconds for the “person X is calling” when someone calls. isn’t that great?

  • Eitan Stadtlander-Mi

    I’ve been using SetCPU using interactive scaling (which is supposedly better than ondemand that this program uses) in conjunction with juice defender (the free version) it is slightly more polished but doesn’t allow for as much interactivity (though the pay one does). You could also get juice plotter by the same people and it shows you the way your battery life trickles down and has a widget that says how long it takes till full discharge and when you plug it in till full recharge.