Bell mobility in Canada is releasing the Froyo update for its Galaxy S device. This is great news for them, not so great news still for the U.S. variants. Bell is strongly requesting its customers to update their software to the latest complete build.

With 2.2 bringing in many fixes and updates to solve the common issues that plagued the Canadian variant, this should make many of you very happy to hear.

  • Froyo 2.2 update will solve the freezing and crashing issues.
  • Better browsing and device processor speed.
  • Improved security
  • Exchange calendar support
  • Global Address list look up

Of course you are also getting all the goodness of Froyo as well, such as Adobe flash. Although the poster does state December 10th, the update is ready now. This update will not be an over the air (OTA) update unfortunately. The process is being handled through the Samsung KIES application. If you wish to proceed and get this update rolling onto your device, feel free to follow the step-by-step guide found on Bell’s website HERE.

Be sure to let us know if things went smoothly for you or not. I am curious to see if a firmware update like this could be the best option for Samsung to get Froyo to all of our Galaxy S devices.

Source: Mobilesyrup

  • Michael

    “April 1, 2043 – T-Mobile has released Android Froyo for Vibrant, museum curators say they are unlikely to upgrade”

  • Steve Malarsky

    Holy crap. We get something before the States? Insanity!

  • Bb Matkin

    Bell Canada Vibrant customer. Kies tells me my firmware is up to date but I still have 2.1. It’s the 17 of December now. I guess they are still making it available to some? Emailed samsung support, no reply yet.