Google announced on their Google Mobile Blog tonight what “Near Field Communications” (NFC)  would be used for first, on their new flagship phone the Nexus S. It appears it will only be available in Portland, in conjunction with their new Hotpot service announced last month. Aimed at helping businesses get more exposure, Google will hand out special Google Places Business kits to anyone who already has a Place page. The kits include a sticker to place on their door or storefront window with NFC built in. Users can just hold their Nexus S or other NFC device up to the sticker to find out more about the business. Google says this is just the beginning and to get real time updates through the Hotpot blog, on twitter or Facebook.

I’ve seen these stickers before, all over the place in Austin at the Big Android BBQ a few months ago, but users were required to scan a QR Code on the sticker to pull up info on the business on their phone. It’s nice to see Google is evolving the service to use NFC and the post mentions they will be out and about letting business owners of Oregon know about all the benefits Google Places has to offer them.

So, now that we are seeing one of the first big benefits of NFC on the Nexus S, are you any more tempted to get one on December 16? Sound off in the comments below to let us know what you think.

Source: Google Mobile Blog

  • nxsone

    u got to b kidding me change my nexus one for a plastic nexus s device that can scan stinkers in business come on i was waiting for this device to upgrade but as of now , i would prefer a htc g2 or htc mt4g im really disappointed :(

  • Jeff

    I went with the MT4G and love it! I will no longer support Samshaft after buying my Vibrant because they don’t support their buyers with updates and only hand out lies. Even though the Nexus S will get it’s updates from Google I will not buy another Samshaft phone again. Not to mention the Nexus S to me is a big step backwards and I still love my Nexus One. EPIC FAIL Samshaft!