We just gave you a heads up on the new Android market and now it looks like the app has already been ripped. It’s the real deal and it works! It features all the UI changes and issues discussed earlier.

According to Android Police, the APK is known to work only on stock Android 2.2 devices. It has been successfully tested on both the Google Nexus One and T-Mobile G2 running stock versions of Android 2.2 (Froyo).

Overall, the update looks good but it might take me sometime to get use to it. I was able to easily install it on a T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant running Obsidian v4.2. The update might come as a disappointment to Fast Web Installer fans. Though I was able to successfully install the AppBrain Fast Web Installer, true to the story, Google has disabled this functionality. This is the message you will get after I when you try to run the Fast Web Installer app:

Some reports have also been made about problems with it running on CyanogenMod 6.1. I have not had any issues running it on the Samsung Vibrant except for one ‘force close’; it have been smooth since then. If you are still itching to get your hands on the new Market app then you can find it via the QR code below. The good thing is that it can be uninstalled easily from the application manager.

So what are you waiting for? Download the new Android Market and tell us what you think about it. Have fun!

Summary and Downloads:

App: Android Market
Developer: Google Inc.
Cost: Free

Android Market Update (unofficial)

Android Market Update (unofficial)

Source: AndroidPolice, XDA-Developers

  • Guardianlvg

    It is also working on rooted MT4G with stock ROM

  • nate

    would it work on the EVO???

  • apple

    why are android users so childish?? the update will be released in just a few days, why risk doing harm to your phone? a new app installer isn’t going to change anything!!! i’ve never seen such elementary behavior from other platform users

    • Doc

      I can wait but why does what other people do to THEIR phones bother you so much. To me that’s childish. If someone wants to try the newest stuff before the masses, what business is it of yours?

      WOW! Get a life already.

    • Journey569

      Just android users? LOL, i had an iPhone for two years. Never saw so many idiots brick their phone installing things that werent official and they didnt know what they were doing, then go asking for help in the forums.

  • V4jaid

    it works on htc desire

  • Mypcpro

    work on my htc desire not rooted

  • Bronyr

    Can’t install on Nexus CM 6.1

  • Gamal Hussein

    I got it officially here is how i did it
    1-clear the market cash
    2-clear data
    3-force close

    open the market app

    then if it didn’t show up then restart the device , and you’ll get it :)

    thats what i have done and i got it

  • Anonymous

    several FCs on a Vibrant with JK6, but overall ok.

    The new 15 minutes cooling off period is a joke, if you want to compare several applications before making a buying decision.

    It will just push more people to pirate.

  • Elfysrfr

    Works great on f2f w/ virtuous Rom! Keep up the android love!

  • Anonymous

    has anyone received the official update yet?

  • Alonso

    I have it running on the latest Cyanogenmod nighly. installing the apk thats floating around didn’t work but I was able to flash the zip in recovery.

  • Jmc2543

    Just installed it on SkyRaider 3.5 Sense and working great with no issues at all.

  • Aga10mx

    It works in my droid X not rooted! Thanks

  • Vermaekansh

    anyone made it work on G1 rooted…running official aosp 2.2

    • Vermaekansh

      awesome…its working…just upgrade it…thanks guys

  • seth

    Works on Nexus One running cyan 6.1 final. Took a while to figure out how to install properly but it works. I like it. Looks nice.

  • Orichuri

    Works great…looks great…

  • D Huysmann

    It works on Desire rooted with ReflexTSense HD1.3. Great look and feel!

  • Evolvic

    Works fine on galaxy tab.

  • EJ

    Trying to get it to work on MT3G Slide

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Michael-Rosenfield/100000890825631 Michael Rosenfield

    It does not work on the Nexus S….

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Michael-Rosenfield/100000890825631 Michael Rosenfield

    It does not work on the Nexus S….

  • Mr Johnsexydavis911

    It works great on froyo sense for mytouch slide

  • Screwedy

    FC on rooted HTC Desire with AuraxTSense 8.0

  • Anonymous

    Working on a rooted MT4G with Iced Glacier (unthemed) installed.

  • http://www.comsi.com Jeff Brandt

    working well on HTC Incredible

  • http://twitter.com/JasonMore Jason More

    Works on un-rooted MyTouch4g. Just downloaded and installed, no issues.

  • Ddd

    does not work on CM latest nightly (Mytouch 3g 32a 1.2)

  • koekwous1233

    Works great on HTC legend THNX

  • Coolthecat

    It just worked on my evo.

  • Rwerew

    nod working on Star a3000 (chines model)