The LG Star has somehow landed in the hands of the Engadget guys.  If you are unfamiliar with this phone it is a powered by a Tegra 2 Dual-Core processor, with a 4″ inch screen and also the inclusion of an HDMI out port.  This phone has been coming up more and more, and seeing this video makes me think that there is almost no doubt that this will be showing up at CES.  Currently it is running a modified version of Android 2.2 but with the “juicy implication” that Gingerbread may be on board when released.

What is interesting is just how much the UI that LG is using reminds me of TouchWiz, down to the same launcher configuration as Samsung as well as the placement of the capacitive buttons on the bottom of the screen.  Unlike the Samsung’s the phone is outfitted with an 800×480 LCD screen.  Engadget said the viewing angles were much better than the typical LCD and the picture is quite vibrant.

They were able to put it through it’s paces, even giving us all an opportunity to witness it’s power via the Quadrant benchmarking application.

Engadget seemed to be highly impressed with the power of the processor, stating that the performance is “unquestionably top-notch.” Going on to say that the phone does not show any real hesitation in either homescreen changes or when using YouTube and Flash in the browser.

The Star seemed to have impressed them because they said this, “This is seriously shaping up to be one of next year’s highlight devices(and if it isn’t, it just means 2011 will be a spectacular year in smartphones).” be sure to check out their full article because they have had the hands-on time, there are also a good number of photos available.

source: Engadget