Everyone and their dog is excited to see just how well the Playstation Phone, or Z1, really does when it comes to games. I think it will do pretty well personally. I am more excited to be able to integrate the game controller for all my Nintendo game addictions.

Earlier today Sony announced that they will be releasing an Official Playstion app that will be available for all android devices running Android 1.6 and above. Don’t get to excited though. This preliminary release will not be the game toting, downloading, time consuming app we all really want. This application will be more along the lines of a simple place to check your network trophies, new games that are coming, reviews, news and sharing your favorite titles with friends.

This doesn’t mean that in the future some sort of downloadable gaming content wouldn’t be coming. If you are itching for some playstation gaming on your current device we always have PSX4Droid available in the Android Market. It is a great app and will get you going for now. Hopefully Sony will get around to bringing titles to their app for purchase though.

Source: Playstation Blog

  • Anonymous

    encouraging piracy how dare you!!!! psx4droid shouldn’t be on the market as it is illegal

    • Anonymous

      Not true. PSX4droid is not illegal, nor is owning ROMS. The fact that people own ROMS to games they do not posses the disk to is illegal, and therefor in the consumers hands, not the developers.

  • http://twitter.com/jjortiz José Javier Ortiz

    Come and tell me you have never done anything illegal… -___- not even an MP3 or an image from Google or something like that….