We have some more good news for all Galaxy S owners out there, thanks to XDA member supercurio. The Google Nexus S kernel and system image has been ported to the Samsung Galaxy S I9000 to make a booting Gingerbread ROM.

The port runs on an Ext4 file system, which the Nexus S kernel supports. This early preview still has a few issues to be resolved, so not everything is working yet.

Here is a quick list of what we know is and is not working:

  • Not Working: GPS / Voice / Wifi / some Buttons / camera
  • Working: everything else like sound, GL acceleration etc

Supercurio has made a few videos showing the port running, check them out below:

Intro Video:


Factory Reset Video:


Power Down Video:

The port isn’t ready for everyday use but if you are interested in testing it, head over to the this discussion thread on XDA.

Always remember that with any early port like this, there are risks, and we recommend you read through the entire thread to see what problems other users have experienced.  Install it at your own risk.

Source: XDA Developers, YouTube