Creative Mobile released a new game about 2 weeks ago called Alchemy – Genetics (beta), which is similar to our very addictive original Alchemy game. The principals are the same- combine and create new things to work with from four original items. However, what you are combining has been altered. Instead of using the four basic elements (fire, water, Earth, and air), you are given animals (anchovy, ant, chicken, and rat)! Sort of brings out the mad scientist in you.

It is a fun, if slightly demented, twist on the original. As the developer states, “Start with 4 different species and discover 200 cute creatures, from obvious to unlikely to bizarre combinations.” He was not lying. Some of the combinations are pretty far out there. For instance, Anchovy + Chicken [Domestic] = Golden Carp? Even though a lot of the combinations might not make logical sense, the game is still worth having for an interesting time killer.

Click or scan the QRCode below to find out more information about the  Alchemy – Genetics application.

Application: Alchemy – Genetics
Developer: Creative Mobile
Cost: FREE

  • Abanoob Samir Attia


  • Nscheeler

    I have 198 combos and the game stopped giving hints. Very unhappy.

  • Crystalknowles

    i having alot if trouble and have 92 animals but i really would like a cheat sheet to help me when i get stuck but am unable to find one ANYWHERE HELP ME PLS

  • Venenobriseno1

    I have 213 combinations and I’m stuck

  • Dongholson

    I have 234 and now I’m stuck.

  • Drafuul

    I’m stuck at 276.

  • Noluv4gov

    try challenge mode for hints.

  • Chattngamer

    I’m trying to make a tarantula with the spider and scorpion which i KNOW is right but they won’t do anything. Does anyone know how to get around it?

    • Sabrina

      I am having te same problem…did you ever figure it out?

  • Samantha

    I want to get this game but i don’t have an android product, how can i get it?

    • Stormy Beach

      There a number of versions of the game available online from Flash games sites and plenty of others. Doodle God is the name of another version that is on the PC.