Tonight is just full of all kinds of pre-CES announcement goodies. The above photo appeared as an ad in the latest issue of Rolling Stone, brought to us courtesy of AndroidCentral, shows not only the Thunderbolt, but a mysterious device destined for At&t. The Inspire 4G. Yes you read that correctly, 4G branding on an At&t phone. Now, before you start getting all upset about it, remember that HSPA+, which is what both T-Mobile and At&t run on, is now considered 4G. So, we might start seeing advertisements from them touting their “new” 4G network. We’re all keeping our fingers crossed here at CES that we’ll get a sneak peak at these two Desire HD like devices this week. Evo, meet your two new baby brothers.

So, will this new photo Inspire you to root for At&t, or will you ask the great cell phone gods in the sky to send you a Thunderbolt as fast as lightning? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Engadget via AndroidCentral

  • iamsteventucker

    who would choose to get AT&T? fail