The LG Revolution is the only Android phone LG announced for a particular carrier this week at CES, but during our hands on time with LG we noticed something a little strange. LG is stating they can’t tell us who is getting their other two super phones, the Optimus Black and Optimus 2x, but a quick look at the product card does list the frequencies the phones will be running. The Optimus Black lists the 1700mHz UMTS band, which we all know is T-Mobile, and the demo phone we played with had an active T-Mobile sim card in it. The phone was on display to show of the new NOVA display and how it compared to the Super AMOLED and Retina displays.

It’s nice to see T-Mobile getting another high end smartphone running Android, even if it is Froyo. The phone is said to be the worlds thinest smart phone with one of the most vibrant displays available. Other features include the ability to upgrade to 2.3 Gingerbread, a 2MP front facing camera, the Optimus 2.0 UI, and Wi-Fi direct.

The LG Optimus 2x, which we love, seems to be destined for AT&T based on the frequencies it will be using. AT&T uses 850 and 1900 GSM technology for their network and the product card clearly states those two frequencies. We were told the device is launching to an unnamed carrier this year but is being billed as a global capable phone. It will be interesting to see if this device does launch on AT&T, but for now it’s just speculation. Either way we will keep you updated with info as it comes in and be sure to check out our hands on video with the device.

  • Jakesweet

    Optimus black here I come

  • Jonathan Bruha

    GSM =/= UMTS. The Black looks like it’ll go to T-Mobile and the 2x to European carriers. All modern phones, regardless of where they’re sold, are typically quad-band GSM and tri-band UMTS specific for the market in which they’re sold.

  • AndroidFan

    When they don’t state:
    mhz processor speed, rom size, ram size, front cam, back cam with led flash, sd card slot
    I start to think its just another LG mobile that will be released that is outdated before it was ever released.