Out of countless accessory items we saw during CES, this is single handedly the greatest set ever created (in my opinion anyway).

Often times we spend all our hard earned money on a dock, car mount or accessory item that will only work for our phone. That can get very frustrating if you buy many different devices or use many different devices. This is where Clingo by Allsop stepped in and made some awesome universal accessories.

I have seen similar items online before, I have even seen these advertised, but they just scared me. I didn’t think I could trust something that didn’t wrap around my phone or attach in some reliable fashion. Once I stopped by the Clingo booth in Vegas, I was sold. I want everything they make. The products are all useful in their own right. We have had a chance to use 2 of the 11 items that are available on the market.

The first is the Universal Mobile Neklit. I was skeptical at first about whether the sticky pad could really hold my phone without it falling off.  After I saw a phone attached and swung around in circles by the strap, I was sold. I have not taken it off my phone since CES two weeks ago. I toss it around my neck when I am heading out of the house, I stick in my pocket when I am cleaning and can pull my phone out of my pocket by the lanyard. Just this one simple design is more than enough to keep me happy. The material that is used leaves absolutely no residue on your device when removed and let me be the first to tell you, removing it is pretty difficult. Take a look at some photos below of it attached to my Samsung Vibrant. I promise the device is not sitting on the counter in the first 2 photos.

We were also lucky enough to puck up a universal steering wheel while we were there too.

As you can see, it resembles a Wii steering wheel with the same oober stick material on the inside. This works extremely well for playing racing games or flight games. If you let your kids watch movies on your device in the car, this also works really well and gives them something to hold onto and protect the device in case it ‘accidentally’ drops.

I also located a pretty good video demonstration of both of these in action on youtube. Check it out for yourself and let us know if you could trust this product with your device.

You can find out more information on these products and all the other items that Clingo has to offer at www.clingo.com.

  • James

    I have the Clingo universal dash mount with suction cup. The only problem is that it gets too sticky and your phone needs to be pried off.

    • mtakid

      well thats a good thing i would think

      • James

        Thats actually a bad thing as it leaves a gooey residue on the phone.

  • James

    I have the Clingo universal dash mount with suction cup. The only problem is that it gets too sticky and your phone needs to be pried off.

  • Daewootech

    this plus a Zaggskin might be bad combo leading to bubbles?

  • Stagerli

    it doesnt leave any resideu i have one as well . It is sticky but no residue

    • Shoom Kloom

      With my new Case Mate case it does leave resedue… pretty annoying…

  • Taj360

    Yep I have the same problem in my car, it was ok for a month or so, now its way to sticky and pulls the back of the phone off.  It might be due to the hot temp in the car, anyone now any tricks to restore to original less stickyness?