All you lucky HTC EVO Shift users out there can now permanently root your device. The great folks over at XDA have been at it again to bring you the openness that Android should really have. Below you will find the quick guide to rooting you device, however please remember AndroidSPIN is not responsible for your device (yada yada). Let’s get to it.

Please read each and every step in this guide and do them fully failure to do this exactly as it is layed out could result in a permanent brick as usual I am not responsible for anybody’s failure to read directions

Step 1
ok download this file and extract it to the root of your sdcard

Step 2
make sure you have adb properly setup on your computer before continuing
temp root using either visionary or z4root
open up command prompt and cd to your sdk platform-tools directory
then type adb shell then su
if you havent already u must press allow on your device to enable su perms

Step 3
check the md5sum of both of the files to make sure they match

md5sum /sdcard/Shift/hboot_orig.bin

md5sum /sdcard/Shift/hboot_eng.nb0

386c19451e8dd18f9b98fad6b11be4c0 hboot_orig.bin
60ec1006e6ec2e8acb370d6aad35b17e hboot_eng.nb0

if these do not match do not continue redownload the files then check the md5’s again

Step 4
Flash the eng spl!!! (dangerous part)
make sure these commands are exact or you could risk bricking your phone!!!
now you should still be in adb shell with root permissions
runs this command and DO NOTT!! reboot till I tell you to

dd if=/sdcard/Shift/hboot_eng.nb0 of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p18

you just flashed the eng spl!!! now lets make sure it took

Step 5
Check the md5 of new flash hboot and restore if necessary
run this command to pull the newly flashed hboot to your sdcard

dd if=/dev/block/mmcblk0p18 of=/sdcard/Shift/hboot_check.nb0

now we check the md5 to see if it matches

md5sum /sdcard/Shift/hboot_check.nb0

it should read 60ec1006e6ec2e8acb370d6aad35b17e
if the md5sum matches then congratulations its safe to reboot!! you can skip the next bit and continue on to step 6

if you absolutely cannot get the eng hboot to flash right then run this to restore the stock hboot

dd if=/sdcard/Shift/hboot_orig.bin of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p18

then pull it to check md5

dd if=/dev/block/mmcblk0p18 of=/sdcard/Shift/hboot_check1.bin

then check the md5sum

md5sum /sdcard/Shift/hboot_check1.bin

it should read 386c19451e8dd18f9b98fad6b11be4c0
if it doesnt keep trying until it does but DO NOT!! reboot till it matches

Step 6
check hboot and perm root!!
ok now reboot your phone into bootloader
turn off phone and hold power+vol down till it boots into bootloader
look at the top and make sure it says s off
if so reboot the phone back into android
put the phone into airplane mode
temp root with visionary
after your temp rooted then attempt to perm root with visionary (haven’t tested perm root with z4 yet)
your phone will reboot and you are now officially perm rooted any changes you make will now stick on reboot
Recovery is coming soon!!!!!!

That wasn’t so bad was it? Enjoy.