Pentel Airpen Pocket – Digital Handwriting Converter


Still feel the need for that pen and paper feeling without the mess? Well Pentel has a pocket sized solution. The Pentel Airpen Pocket digitally converts your handwriting , while also giving you the ability to store and save it on your Android device. You write the notes and use the mini receiver to transfer them to your phone using the app via bluetooth. The device is currently available but it only works on computers until the app is released in March 2011.

Source: Pentel

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Jacob Cunningham
I'm an avid technology lover. My first Android device was a G1; I fell in love (except for the battery), next I got a Samsung Captivate; error in judgment on my behalf, now I've moved on to the MyTouch 4G; which I absolutely love. What started with me just needing some kind of phone to use, i.e. free G1, ended with a new addiction.... I also enjoy long walks on the beach and luxurious bubble baths.... Oh wait.

  • Anonymous

    where can I buy this?

  • Jason Wilkinson

    Can we buy it, and why is the source page in Japanese?

  • Jacob

    From what it looks like the pen itself is not available until the 12th of this month. The link to Pentel has been updated with Google Translator but it’s still not completely readable.

  • Michael Steinheuer

    Habe mal bei Amazon-Japan geschaut, da gibt’s das Teil in der Evernote-Version (“grün”) für umgerechnete ~133€. Das ist schon ein bischen happig…Die “blaue” Version kostet sogar ~166€.
    Die Preise verstehen sich ohne Gewähr und Versand, Zoll, Steuer, etc…Bei EU-Import kämen nochmal einige Euro dazu ….

    Das macht das Teil für mich doch eher un-imteressant…………

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