CASIO G'zOne Commando Manual Photo

CASIO G'zOne Commando Manual Photo

Verizon is launching a new rugged Android phone from CASIO called the G’zOne Commando and we’ve been sent an early copy of the product manual to give you an insight into the features of this rugged outdoor phone.

The manual states:

The CASIO G’zOne Commando™ is water resistant. It provides reliable performance for outdoor activities, and in wet conditions such as driving rain or high humidity.

The phone is definitly designed for the outdoor enthusiast with a range of applications and widgets focussed on the active lifestyle.  G’zGEAR provides eight useful tools for outdoor activities, including:

  • Earth Compass.
  • Walking Counter.
  • Adventure Training.
  • Thermometer.
  • Tides.
  • Sun/Moon.
  • Star Gazer.

While we have been asked not to post the manual, we have extracted a few photos of the device and the the tipster informed us that the device features what looks like an 800MHz processor. Check it out below.

CASIO GzOne Commando Manual HomeScreen

CASIO GzOne Commando Manual HomeScreen

Although this device is primarily for the rugged smartphone user, could you see yourself using a device like this? What do you like and dislike from the initial view above? We will be looking more through this 318 page manual and sharing more information as we dig through it.

  • PacoBell

    Funny typo in headline is funny.

  • Vicky Cantu

    I want that clock on the home screen!

  • thatduderob

    i want those G’zGEAR apps. The compass and tide widgets look awesome!

  • Michael

    I wonder if it’s rugged like the Motorola Defy? Waterproof (resistant)? The Defy is one bad mamma jamma. I got a Defy for my wife and one for my daughter. They’re rough on phones.

    • Austin

      it is very rugged i have dropped it on concreat from about 20ft and dropped it in my pool and have no problumes to this day!

  • Crash

    Well we can see it has been Binged. I’m curious what “Read Out” is. Also those widgets are awesome.

    • Chris

      “Read Out” just reads your latest text message aloud.

  • lVloose

    I could see getting my brother to try this. He’s been using rugged flip phones for years.

  • Ken

    I want to know if it is a Push To Talk device….otherwise I will get a 4G phone….

    • Froglaps

      no it is not a push to talk… however there are apps in the market that you can download to use any android as a push to talkl… both parties need it downloaded though

    • Joe

      ken don’t listen to froglaps, it is a push to talk, I own it.

      • Allen

        Yes it is a push to talk

  • Awbj2

    What version of android is it? 2.1?

    • Goulart66


  • Ram2095

    Any new info?

  • Hd1972

    Looks like it might drag me to the smart phone realm, can’t get a size reference with this pic though?

  • Taylorrose11

    i have this phone and i love it im just trying to figure out if there is any way to set up a signature for texts

    • Commandos r boss

      Go to the text screen and press settings look around its there!

  • Chadneese

    Bought it, netflix and blockbuster don’t support it. How can I get movies?

    • Alabasterrayne

      Netflix works fine, just released several days ago for the commando.

  • shorty

    how  do you  get compass off front screen?

    • Froglaps

      Drag it to the trash…. just like any icon/widget on android

      • Tldrggr

        How can I turn-off the crazy predictive text?

        • Thug

          settings – language & keyboard – XT9 Text Input – language &settings – english (or) – keyboard input – auto correction will be checked tap it to uncheck. Your done.

    • Chris

      You can remove any Widget by tap-and-hold until the widget turns red and the trash can appears at the bottom of the screen. Then drag it to the trash.

  • Crazygamer101

    Hey my commando starts up but then has I blank home screen and it says there’s a launch error. Any help?

    • Bethanychristian1021

      oh my, i actually took my commando into veriZon and they didn’t believe me because they had not had any problems what so ever with this phone yet. they said to take off the lookout app that’s on it because it tends to fail the start up application .. i did that, well they did that for me it was fine for a few weeks and now I have the same issue again. This is what i don’t understand

      • kate

        My commando did the same thing worked great for first 3 months then one morning the I took it off the charging cradle and had a blank/flashing screen, we took it to verizon store the teck said never say any thing like it with a commando. sent me a “new” one no fee

  • Crazygamer101

    Never mind It worked itself out

  • Filthymiller

    how do you forward a text/picture message from the camando

    • bobo

      Push and hold the senders icon then pick the option forward message

  • shellee

    How doyou retrive your apps for games after they are downloaded

  • Bartrick01

    i have the commando and love it, but in the camera mode i cant get it to zoom, i drag down the settings menu and click on the zoom and there is a slider bar for the zoom, but it is unresponsive. i have tried many times from all angles and everything i can think of. its like its turned off, but i cant find anywhere to turn it on… any help?

    • obxer

      I have the same problem and can’t figure out a solution.  Get your’s working yet?

    • obxer

      Found the solution, though it’s not a good one — apparently a very limited camera: per manual, when camera is set on 5 mp, zoom is not available.  Set it to lower (3 mp) and there is some very limited zoom available.

    • KWeaver126

      You have to change the camera’s setting.  Go to the side bar and hit it then picture size- once you make the size smaller – the zoom will work.

    • Eric55011

      you cant zoom if you have it set for 5 megapixels

    • Marty Martin

      you have to drop the resolution down lower and then u will  be able to zoom.

    • fiberman

      You can zoom if you turn the megapixels down from the max settings

  • Nomadica48

    how can you speak and your text come up on the screen and it can be sent?

    • Chris

      Use Google’s “Voice Search” app that’s pre-loaded. If you say “Text John Smith, Let’s meet at Joe’s period” it will get John Smith’s phone number from your contacts and type out: Let’s meet at Joe’s. (You do have to say the word ‘period’ for it to put the punctuation in, though.)

  • Miller18785

    how do i set a ringtone i bought to my text messaging

    • arse1992

      I’m having the same problem! Can’t get my ringtones to work as text tones, have you figured it out yet?

  • Nened47

    How do you set speed dial on the commando phone

    • Paul

      there isnt a speed dial on the commando

      • guest

        To load a speed dial press and hold finger on home screen and a window
        will pop up saying add to home screen. then click short cuts. Select
        direct dial and choose a person. Press and hold and that will add them
        to your home screen as a speed dial

    • NY

      there may be an app for that. i believe i saw one while flying thru the 500 apps

  • Ezrider5

    When I call someone and their phone sends me to voicemail, my screen blacks out and is unresponsive. I have to call my phone to get the screen to come up then power down my phone to end the call. What can I do to correct this problem?

  • slarc

    I cannot figure out how to keep the apps from popping up all the time. I am killing them constantly.  It keeps the battery drained. The battery is only good for 4 hours at the most.  How do I fix this problem.

    • NY

      juice defender app has worked wonders for me

  • Tadspapa

    how do i save pics i take to my card, and from text messeges

  • Ljatkinson

    How do I change email settings on my Commander so I can delete emails on the server that provides internet for my desk top computer?

  • Gbrandy70

    I am trying to find out how to save photos sent to me VIA msg, if u know, please share
    Brandy Gordon, I’m on fb

    • Hdguy35

      press an hold your screen next to the photo an a bunch of options should show up one of which is save picture

  • VentureBear

    Just received my Commando and love it although I am finding that the paperwork that came with it is not very detailed.  I do like how durable it and tough it feels and hopes it lives up to all the reviews. 

    • Paul

      the booklet is terrible. its kind of a hit and miss situation here. fool around with the phone kill the battery a few times and enjoy. this is 1 bad azz phone. mine says when the phone rings “is it time for my bath yet daddy, hurry im dry and i hate it, dont answer the phone i need to bathe”  lmao yes my phone is clean

  • Austinlprice

    were is the option to change text ring tone???????

    • guest

      Go to your settings..then sound…then you’ll find it

    • Tex6938

      hi, you have to go under your texting application first. Then push the menu button on the phone, the icon w/ four lines scroll down press select ringtone and enjoy!

  • Jeepunlimited1

    HHow do I use the call waiting?? The screen just blacks out after a min. Into the call, how do i answer a incoming call with out loosing one?

    • Streamline Rod

      My phone does the same thing. Seems like a faulty phone. Cant hang up or anything

      • Silverx1973

        press the volume botton

  • Sickgoata

    HHeadphone jackets not working with my auxiliary plug or headphones. Do I need to turn it on somewhere

  • Tammy Asher

    when creating a new text, is there a way to access my “contact list” to add multiple people to recipient list? or do i have to start typing in every one of their names and touch their cell numbers, in order to add to recipient list?

    • Price625

      i need an answer to this question as well

      • Brad

        Dido for me too..Sucks cause I do ALOT of forwarding to multiple people

        • Mnobles

          How do you forward a text message? I can’t seem to figure it out.

  • miguel a. acevedo

    How do you remove names from the favorites(frequenty contacted) section without deleted them?

  • guest

    To load a speed dial press and hold finger on home screen and a window will pop up saying add to home screen. then click short cuts. Select direct dial and choose a person. Press and hold and that will add them to your home screen as a speed dial.

  • Customred74

    how do i send a forward picture txt to my other contacts.

  • StevenCrandall76

    The screen timing out is in one of your settings.  You can hit the power button and the phone screen turns back on and all functions are availale again.

  • StevenCrandall76

    For emptying your cache, killing apps and killing apps taking mass battery, you can download Android Assistant from the market for free.  Also, the apps installed by Verizon will keep turning back on and tampering with this voids your warranty. I have already delt with this too.

    Tammy Asher;  if you download “Go SMS Pro” (A great texting app), you can choose new message and hit the + sign, your entire contact list will pop up.  Another great thing about the program is that you can back up all your text messages to an SD card and also send it to your gmail account.  When you get a new phone or factory reset your current phone, you can download the app and it will restore all of your messages again with all original time and date stamps from the SD card.

    Other great free apps that I use are “Zedge” (for wallpapers, ringtones and notification sounds), “RingDroid” (for chopping songs to make your own custom ringtones from your song library), and “Google Maps” for a phenominal navigation.  Google Maps is free and is way better than the installed nav and is also free.  You can also get street view with it that shows you the exact place you are going to.  A new software update just came out the other day that makes the commando even easier and has worked flawless for me since the installation of it.  Hope this helps.

  • Hdguy35

    what format do songs need to be loaded onto the phone to use as a ringtone?

  • Brian_123

    anyone no how to erase ringtones from the gz one commando..  thanks

  • Brian_123

    does anyone know how to erase ringtones from the gz one commando

  • Flxntxn

    anyone know how to delete ringtones?

    • http://Google locoman71

      Dude,get real! Go to setting &phone ringtones, hit delete bra!

  • Rmiller792

    u cant zoom camera

    • Angi_177

      You have to go into the settings on the camera and reduce the resolution below 5mp to zoom.  Each level you go down, you can zoom more.

  • Angi_177

    I am having trouble accessing my market, occassionally it tells me my password is incorrect or the characters I enter after password will never go through.  Sometimes it goes back to the password screen after i have entered the letters into the box.  Either way,…i can’t get back in.



  • Silverx1973

    i cant seem to get to download the new updated version of android OS, gingerbread

  • Tater

    How do you remove an email client from the G’zOne?  I dont want to sync my hotmail account any longer, but cant figure out how to remove it or keep it from sync’ing. 


    my Commando survived a third story fall with minimal scratches to the outer casing while the screen stayed completely intact

  • Joe

    Hom do you foward a text or another foward from incoming messages?

    • Brad

      press and hold actual message to be forwarded and a messages options list pops up… its there.

  • Justin

    How do i recover items from my trash can accidently deleted flash light and want it back.

  • Brian

    Need to get talk to text app. a lot of my customers text me and I can not answer them while driving. Any ideas?

    • George

      Vlingo the app

  • klint

    How do I calibrate the keyboard? Or get it to vibrate when I touch each key?

  • Rick

    I can’t figure out how to hang the damn thing up. I have pushed every button. Pushed all over the blank black screen. Nothin.

  • Josseph Dolin

    I have deleted e-mails from my phone and they keep showing back, sometimes as unread. How do i fix this?

  • Josseph Dolin

    i have deleted emails from my phone and they keep showing up. sometimes as unread. how do i fix this?

  • Jonathan Sullivan

    I found a g zone pjone in the middle of the street about a month ago and I’d like to use it but it has a pass word How do I reset everything so I can have the phone turned on in my name and use it?

  • Noah P

    how do you change your texttone to something you downloaded? It is only an option to change your ringtone to something you downloaded but i want my texttone changed.

  • alex

    How do I remove the signature from my message settings

    • arse1992

      I need to know how to do this one as well

  • stacey

    My commando is just shutting off for no reason… it doesn’t matter what I am doing just shuts off…I have to take back off and battery out and put it back
    together…. I’ve only had it for 3 mo. Any clues to help?

    • Suzanne

      Did you ever get an answer regarding this problem? My fiance’s is doing the same thing.

  • Matt

    When i try to turn on my commando. It will immediately power down when it gets to my home page. I am not able to access anything. it will reboot and shut down time after time until i remove the battery. Can anyone help.

  • kate wunz

    so last night my phone fell about 7 feet and now it’s dead…. like will not power up at all. I’ll be on my 3rd commando ….i still love my phone but I do seem to kill them!!!

  • kate

    so how i know why my commando stoped working the fall did something to the battery?? so they are sending me a new one. the phone is fine

  • David

    I have the same problem as Matt and Stacy.
    Phone will shut down and reboot on occasion.
    Now Phone gets to Home Screen, shuts down and powers back on , No way to stop the misery except take out battery .Even holding the power button and volume key.Still unresponsive .Verizon said they never herd of this PROBLEM…….Read your site….

  • mjo22

    How do I recalibrate the phone cause my old touchscreens had an option for it in the settings but I can’t find it in the commando…any ideas??

  • Amanda

    How do you take a screen shot on this phone?

  • Jennifer

    Does anyone know how to save a pic after u have downloaded it from flycell??

    • Chuck

      Did you ever figure out how to screenshot?

      • guest

        I am also curious if anyone has found out if they could screenshot.

  • Kevin Rockwell

    How do I retrieve pictures ive deleated in the gallery……..

  • John

    Suddenly, I can’t see the words I type in a text message until I go to send it. Hope you have a fix

  • paul

    how do I get the manuel

  • Tan~Dawg

    This phone has been a total nightmare- and when I’m done with it I’m going to crush it into sub-atomic particles and send half of it to Verizon and half to Casio and tell them to snort it.

  • Dean

    Is there a quick text option on the Comando? If so how do I find it?

  • Jere
  • David
  • idabean

    phone buzzes, rapidly cycles screens, and for several minutes user can’t access phone functions: the dialpad flashes on and off. It’s got a life of its own! What is going on? Way to prevent it or stop it when it happens ?


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  • brian

    how do you forward text on the GzOne smartphone, i haven’t been able to in the 1.5 years i’ve had it

  • scott

    is there a reliable talk to text app for the Gzone commando phone since casio does not support this in thier software?

  • Jaime O

    I hate this phone, this is the third one I’ve had. I got told my phone was possessed. How do you take screenshots?

  • rochelle b

    can you screenshot with this phone?

  • Eric Wong

    screen capture (even for CA-201L) newest 2013 4G LTE version is

    “Power + Volume down” ……press these two buttons together and dont let go until hear the “click” sound

    • barry

      Doesn’t work on 771 model

  • gary

    how do I can an app that I have download to the phone to be moved to the sd card

  • Aaron

    SO when I plug my commando in at night to charge it shuts off. When I wake up in the morning I cant turn it on without first removing the battery. Is there a reason for this or is this a fault on casio’s part?

    • Dan

      I have the same problem. when I brought it to verizon they told me they couldn’t make it happen so there wasn’t anything they could do.

      • Brandon Phillips

        I have this problem with the 3g version of the phone as well. I upgraded to the 4g version of the phone (other than this quirk i loved my 3g) and still have this problem…im glad I have trained myself NOT to use an alarm to wake up or i would be SOL.

  • trey

    How do you make a signature on this phone?

  • beth

    How do u pull up messages that have been deleted or what app can I download

  • mike

    how do you get rid os the frequently called list

  • Shelley

    How do I see my browser search history. I know how to delete it but how do I see it? Is it downloadable to my computer?

  • randall

    how do u transfer contacts and picture from a gzone commando to another gzone commando