Want to add some of that Honeycomb sweetness to your device? Thanks to XDA member JaJsemMatty that’s now possible.

The Honeycomb music player comes with features such as, streaming and caching music for later playback and a search function for locating any song.

Installation is simple, download the .apk and install. You will see two icons appear in your apps menu, Music and JumperTest, which they’re thinking is  “the key to streaming all of your music – from your desktop and from the cloud, back down to your handset” and “could be the key to spurring up competition for the iPod” as JaJsemMatty says.

This application is still in it’s testing phase so bugs are likely. More information and a link to download can be obtained here.

Source: xda-developers via xda forums

  • McD

    Thanks! It’s definitely a nice change from the stock application. I like the UI. Unfortunately, there aren’t much options, i.e. equalizer and folder playlists.

    • Jacob Cunningham

      It’s still in development give em time. 😉

  • Lime


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000009220660 Dayne Close

    Been using this app for several months now. It’s nice because it replaces the stock music app (v2.3.2 in my ROM) so the lockscreen controls work with it.
    The streaming functionality isn’t implemented yet, but it’ll be awesome when it is.
    And yeah, it does need an equalizer and it still has a bunch of bugs. But the interface is way nicer than previous versions, so I’m okay with the bugs and such. The widget needs work, though.

  • Nexus Eddie

    PowerAmp kills any android media player.