Alright, I’m giddie like a school girl now. As a sense lover the only thing I like more than sense is Gingerbread. The possibly of both is absolutely exhilarating. Well for me, but yeah it’s available now.

The HTC Husshan – Chinese HD2 – has an update available according to XDA members TMartin03 and 911sniper. This new update is Android 2.3 Gingerbread that’s running the latest version of Sense UI, which you can’t get at this time. We’ll have to hope that developers grab it and start porting it soon.

For the information including the build prop and the download link check the official thread.

[Do not attempt to flash this, it will most likely brick your device. Wait for devleopers to fix it up. We do not take responsibility for any damage done to your phone by flashing]

Source: xda-developers

  • Rafael Rosado

    Wrong the htc huanshan is omap3 based not qsd82x0 based, so its wont be as easy to port…

    • clifford_harris

      lol why do I feel like im this ^ guy reading this article

  • Truthkillszz

    so will it be possible for a port to the nexus s?