lists LG Optimus 3D and Sony Xperia Play – Pricing and Release Date

2, a British retailer, has these two highly anticipated phones listed with release dates on their website. We’ve seen several anticipated phones listed at overseas online retailers lately, so it’s not really a surprise when there’s 2 more. However, these two phones are probably a little bit sought after, the LG Optimus 3D being dual-core and offering the first ever 3D glasses-free display, and the Xperia Play the Playstation licensed gaming phone. Both phones are listed sim free and unlocked, the Optimus is listed at a price of £514.99 (about $830) with a release date of April 25th and the Xperia Play listed at £519.99 (about $840) and will be available March 28th.

Of course this is all subject to change especially with all the fluctuations in release dates and pricing we’ve seen from other phones recently. Still no word on what we can expect once these phones hit US shores.

Source: Android Central via Play.comOptimus 3D, Xperia Play

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    Sharp’s Galapagos Phone was the first ever Glasses-free 3D phone

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    Wow I think ill buy laptop instead why spend that much on a phone

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