The wait is over and the tweet says it all. For those of you that don’t want to wait for the OTA , I’m sure an will be surfacing very soon.

  • Simon N. Walker

    YAY YAY! About time :)
    Someone get the and send us a link.. PLEEAASSSEEEE!

  • Webargentino


  • Hmshsieh

    Another few weeks for OTA to complete??!!
    hope this “Few Weeks” won’t turn into another two and half months…..

  • Shaun

    Does this mean the HTC Desire will receive an update too?

    • Eltavo22

      How about HTC evo ?

  • peter fitzenwell

    Kcuf yea still old school Gorky n1 ready!!!


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  • androidEyez

    That’s all I was waiting for im buying my
    nexus s now!! Thought I could buy vibrant and root it to satisfy me but no dice!!!! Gotta get the real thing…. You live and you learn!!!!


    Had the update and when it downloaded it just rebooted and no update…..sadface