This tablet was debuted at CES 2011 in January, and although it would seem to be an underdog it’s got sights set for the Flyer. The Eee Pad MeMO will make it’s next appearance at CeBit 2011 running Honeycomb. Just a reminder the Flyer is suppose to release with Gingerbread. Curious thing eh?

Jkkmobile peeped a spec sheet on this upcoming device and while it’s not sporting a Tegra 2, it looks pretty good.



They were also kind enough to share a quick demo of the device. Although the Eee Pad in the video is running 2.2, the Bluetooth handset accessory looks promising. The handset can be used for for voice calls, has a transparent display, and can also be used as a remote control for the tablet.

ASUS Germany says the MeMO should be priced at €499 ($690) for the 8-16GB model, or €699 for the 32-64GB model, which includes the Bluetooth handset. These prices at the entry level are lower than what we’ve seen the Flyer listed at so far, looks like the HTC just got more healthy competition. Just to add insult to injury the Eee Pad has handwriting input as well with it’s stylus. Anyone intrigued by this new-comer?


[On a side note this device has a lot of name variations that can be used to reference it. Haha.]


Source: Slash Gear

  • harpocrates23

    Tablets are still way over priced…
    I can get a tablet pc (toshiba m-400 portege) with a total of $350 have a 1.8 ghz dual core 4gb ram,13.1″ screen,100gb hard drive tablet pc with stylus which can do everything a pc can and not limited to what a glorified e-reader can.
    Why are people going crazy over these????

    • Wasyed

      While I agree some are still overpriced (but MANY can be purchased for below $200 US each). I for one would like to get a tablet for it’s portability. I think a 7″ or even up to 10″ tablet is much more convenient than firing up a comparatively bulkier netbook/tablet pc. I also rather not deal with a swivel screen and would much rather have a fixed flat screen. I also love android, and like the fact that this has a GSM capability for even more mobility if needed. Having the camera(‘s) is also nice but I’m not particular about that. Basically I want a cell phone type device but with a bigger screen for simple tasks such as surfing and checking email and doing all the fun stuff android can do.
      I honestly wouldn’t want to waste my money toward a heavier/bigger tablet pc and would rather spend that money toward something more portable, more of what I want.
      I guess for those that want android tablets, they dont see a point in a 13.1″ netbook or tablet pc.I guess to sum it up, it’s just preference. I would say the same can be said about iPad for those that want iPads

      • harpocrates23

        I have a the toshiba portege I mentioned and have tested many 10″ tablets..the whole point of a laptop is portability..if you think that the portege is bulky compared to a 10″ tablet and not portable..then what can I say…

        First off…Getting an iPad is more than just a waste of money..its just plain ignorance at this point.

        Second…Tablets are very limited to what they can do and their whole reason for existence is because Apple released the bloody iPad. That drove Apple drones crazy and manufacturers saw an opening for Android Tablets…just like Android phones started pushing the iPhone of the top.

        Basically what you are saying is that paying twice the money to get half the the features is ok…cause you get something that is lighter by a couple of pounds..cause thats all you get with a tablet. Also, if you really need the gsm feature, tether your phone internet and you have wireless on the go.

        Tablets are for lazy people with money to waste…its not a matter of preference…its a matter of knowing better and caring.

        As for tablets below 200…the cheapest decent tablet is the Archos 101 at $299…anything lower is really wasting your money.

        As for the fixed screen compared to the swivel…really? Is it so much work to swivel it? And this is better combined with a lack of a keyboard? They are actually making docks now to include a keyboard and before you know it with a mouse and keyboard accessory you will be carrying a bag full of crap just to use your tablet!!!

        • Wasyed

          portege m400 is bulkier COMPARED to a 10″ or 7″ tablet… yes. Like I said, “comparatively”. Especially 7″ compared to a 13″. Some people get 15″ laptops instead of 19″ laptops because… guess what.. it’s smaller! you said the whole point of a laptop is portability, but guess what, the whole point of a tablet is further portability.. along with other things.

          I remember when the m400 released…. Wasn’t it much more than $350? how much does it weigh? around 4 pounds? The height is also most likely over an inch, maybe roughly 1.5″. Most tablets are around or below 1 pound. And the tablet on this page is less than 0.5″ thick… that’s a considerable difference.

          I’m not a fan of iPad at all so I’m not going to comment on that, except say it’s still a nice device, but hands down overpriced by a lot.

          Tablets are limited yes but they are being used for specific reasons. Also tablets don’t exist BECAUSE of iPads, tablets exsisted before iPads. There were several windows tablets available with widows xp years ago.

          I never said paying twice the money for half the features is ok, that’s your words. Yes, I can get something lighter by a couple of pounds. A couple of pounds makes a big difference I hope you know. Lots of people buy a 5 pound laptop compared to a 9 pound laptop because of the lighter weight… thats just a few pounds.

          I never said I want GSM feature so I can have wireless data on the go. I want to pop in my sim card for many reasons, I want to replace my cell phone. I cant exactly get rid of my cell phone device if I wanted to tether with it. Not all cell phones can tether don’t forget. On top of that, many providers now are charging for tethering (of course we know there’s ways around that).

          Tablets are for lazy people with money to waste? why did you go and waste money on your portege m400 when you could’ve bought another laptop with the same performance but just bigger? For example, those 299 or 399 laptops that are still with 15″ screens? much more viewing area than yours. I guess you don’t know any better or care?

          there are many tablets below 200, you can get an archos 7 for 149. You can get a 10″ Zenithink for 199, and they are doing fairly well.Not to mention performance is good enough for what you want to do on them. You can even get a nook color on sale for 200 and people are enjoying them as a rooted tablet. I can also say getting a laptop below 700 is wasting your money.

          fixed screen I prefer because you end up getting a flatter device, which is thinner. I never once said that it is too much work to swivel a screen. My wife has a laptop like yours but from HP, the swivel screen with keyboard is nice but not necessary for what I want it for. I don’t think a keyboard is absolutely necessary, so if I were to get a tablet why would I get something on it that isn’t necessary for me? There are phones without a physical keypad right? Do you know why? Some people prefer it that way.

          So what if they are making docks now to include a keyboard and attach a mouse? laptops have docks, does that mean you carry around a dock all day with a keyboard and mouse? Oh and an external monitor??? Actually your laptop has usb slots so does that mean you carry around a mouse and keyboard anyways? While you’re at it, you should carry around your usb printer too. Some tablets have usb slots as well but I am sure people don’t carry around all their usb devices.
          Has it occurred to you that people might not carry around a dock and mouse and keyboard even if they had one at home?

          Weren’t people saying similar stuff when smart phones came out? Everyone was asking why..

          The last bit of stuff I want to say is:
          I PREFER to have a smaller device for emails, surfing, listening to music.
          I PREFER to carry around a lighter device, and if possible have an all in one device and get rid of my cell phone. I don’t mind using bluetooth headset since I talk on a headset most the time anyways.
          I PREFER to not have a physical keyboard
          I PREFER to have further mobility compared to a laptop.
          I PREFER not to get a netbook or ultra portable laptop.
          I PREFER to have a thin device that’s easy to carry like a small book.
          I PREFER to use a tablet and not tether to my phone and connect to an external GPS reciever when on the go looking for directions.
          I PREFER not to pay $350, and would like to pay well under even $250. Maybe even less than $180 if I grab a decent sale.

          Wait, I’m sorry, you said “it’s not a matter of preference”
          Companies are lately moving towards tablets and getting rid of laptops, why? laptops, often times, are more than what many companies need, especially considering there are many companies moving toward a cloud based implementation.

          Most importantly you have to realize, others cant live exactly how you want them to live. People have opinions, people have a preference for different things.

        • harpocrates23

          you can never teach those who do not wish to learn!!!

        • EFileTahi-A

          Nor can you think your opinion is the ideal one. Wasyed described you exactly this. I have a netbook and most of its time it stays at home as it ain’t as portable as my wife’s tablet. I also was a tablet skeptical, until I gave one for my wife (you know, just for browsing and stuff). Now I think differently, I’m getting one soon because the amount of stuff you can do with it offers me all I need and WAY more battery life.

        • harpocrates23

          I do not think my opinion is ideal… but I know it is higher than the opinions who do not rely on any technical knowledge…a tablet is an oversized phone and they failed when they were presented by microsoft as palm pcs..the only reason they exist now is because Apple could present you guys with a block of wood with the Apple logo and all the fanboys/girls would rush to buy this block of wood that had no functionality whatsoever but carried the Apple logo and was the latest and greatest release..

          So I have given up on trying to make people with the lack of technical knowledge understand anymore..I just comment on  how irrelevant these opinions are!!!

  • Rettege66

    I never said I want GSM feature so I can have wireless data on the go. I
    want to pop in my sim card for many reasons, I want to replace my cell
    phone. I cant exactly get rid of my cell phone device if I wanted to
    tether with it. Not all cell phones can tether don’t forget.