Old School Honeycomb – HTC G1, Magic, and Wildfire Ports


Once again we see Honeycomb ports rolling out of the depths of  XDA. While we’ve seen Honeycomb visit a wide variety of devices, homage has finally been paid to the originals. The new ports are for the HTC G1, HTC Magic (myTouch 3G), and the HTC Wildfire.

These ports are basically novelty, meaning some functions are not working, however provide a look into the new Android release and show that it’s not necessarily hardware specific. Even though these ports are basically for show at the moment, the devs, XDA members zFr3eak and yohshua, do have a few things working.

* Honeycomb Keyboard
* Data / app
* Launcher2
* Multi-touch
* Full Honeycomb UI
* Led
* Key lights

Which are followed by what doesn’t.

* Bluetooth
* Wifi
* 3G
* Sms
* Mms
* Screen resolution

There’s still some heavy development to be done and these ports should not be considered as daily driver candidates. However, for those looking for a few cheap thrills, and a brief glimpse into the workings of Honeycomb, this should provide nice insight. If you have any questions, problems, or just simply want to thank the devs visit the XDA threads for G1 and the Magic (myTouch 3G).

[We do not take responsibility for any damage done to your phone by flashing or using any of this ROM. Flash at your own risk if you’re not sure about it, don’t do it.]

Source: Phandroid via XDA

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I'm an avid technology lover. My first Android device was a G1; I fell in love (except for the battery), next I got a Samsung Captivate; error in judgment on my behalf, now I've moved on to the MyTouch 4G; which I absolutely love. What started with me just needing some kind of phone to use, i.e. free G1, ended with a new addiction.... I also enjoy long walks on the beach and luxurious bubble baths.... Oh wait.

  • http://twitter.com/harpocrates23 harpocrates23

    Awesome..taking g1 out of drawer for this :)
    thanx for the find!!!

  • Brennton

    This is such good news for us who own G1, after all we wouldn’t get this from Google, and then again, my G1 is still like new. Thank you Guys.
    Really looking forward for this

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