It’s no surprise that our need for gadgets and gizmos has increased over the last few years. I know I have more phones, MP3 players, Nintendo DS’s and cameras running around my house than I’d like to admit. A constant problem my family seems to face is remembering where they put their charger and/or where they plugged it in last. I also seem to have a shortage of USB slots and open power sockets throughout my entire house.

This is where a company named IDAPT saw an opportunity for an improvement in charging options. They have created a line of desktop charging stations that can meet any budget and any need. They currently offer 5 versions of the desktop charging station. Ranging from an Eco friendly, i1 Eco interchangeable one tip unit with USB support to the i4 model which supports 3 charging tips and a side USB port. The unit I was fortunate enough to get my hands on was the IDAPT i4.

Each variation comes with a set number of tips for various uses. The i4 comes with a set of 6 tips in the box with your charging station. Each one is easily labeled for your convenience. Set up is a breeze, just pick your charging tip, clip it into your i4 and then hook your device onto it. It’s really that simple. Here are a few snap shots of the unit in use with various things I have that need charging often.

On the top of the charging station there is a simple power button to turn the unit on and off. There are three locations for your various interchangeable tips. On either side of the tip location there are buttons to release the tips. Since so many devices have their charging ports located in various locations, being able to rearrange your tip location is key. On the right hand side of the i4 there is a USB port, which allows you to charge a 4th device using your standard PC USB charging cord.

The tip plugs have a slight spring to them to allow for a little sag due to plugging them in and device weight. This particular unit comes in a total of 9 various colors to satisfy your need for personalization. They currently offer over 20 different tips that will fit over 4000 types of gadgets. They have even designed a special tip that is designed to charge AA or AAA rechargeable batteries. They are continuously developing new tips for all the latest and greatest electronics out. There won’t be any fear of this unit becoming obsolete or disappearing.

I located a very nicely done video with a much greater quality camera than I have available for you to get a better idea of how well this unit works.

What I have found to be the easiest way to use this is to pop out the charging tip and plug it into my device first, then plug the tip into the charging station. This makes hooking up some of the smaller tipped devices much easier.

I have only a few personal select issues with this device. My Vibrant of course has to plug in upside down, which is a little bit annoying since this sits next to my bed generally and sometimes I can’t just read a text or email without unplugging it. This is easily solved by using the USB cord instead. The second issue is with the inability to plug the tips in any direction you wish. The problem this causes is some devices will be facing forward and other facing backwards. I think this just annoys me because I like to see the screen or front of all things charging.

Other than my silly little issues, this device is quite handy. Being able to charge four devices at once in one location makes life a whole lot easier for me and my family. You can head on over to the IDAPT website to order your your charging station or possibly pick one up at your local Bi-Mart. This may not be in all Bi-Marts, but I located an i3 and 10 various tips at mine. You might want to check around.




  • Chahk

    Wouldn’t that put extra strain on the micro-usb ports on the devices themselves? After having two BlackBerrys’ mini-usb ports crap out from charging them while talking on them, I’m always paranoid about the way my devices are charged.

  • Rainbowpedobear666

    you expect to make a sale on these devices yet you fail to acknowledge android devices that are overtaking iphones and blackberry day to day. smart move

  • Pjmandrik

    garbage… im expecting plenty of broken charging ports…
    what happens if you push on one of the phones on accident… SNAP..
    time for an insurance claim… dont get me wrong powermat is limited at the moment… but if they would actually make a case for every phone not just black berrys and iphones they might actually go somewhere as a company