Today Google released an update for the Navigation app in Google Maps. The changes implement a completely new method for rerouting no longer based on simply distance or preferences. Now when your phone’s GPS reevaluates your route it will consider traffic in its calculations. This is not to say that the fastest route as well as alternates will not also be considered, the new system will simply do these things based on perimeters having to do with current and historical traffic conditions for the route you specify. You know what this means? You can get to work faster!!! Yay!


Summary and Downloads:

Application: Google Maps with Navigation
Developer: Google Inc.
Cost: FREE

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  • Anonymous

    it’s about time! real-time traffic rerouting is the real deal. #google navigation on #android

  • Chahk

    WTH. I always thought that Google Maps Navigation took traffic into account when plotting the routes. It was the only explanation I could come up with when it gave me a different route every time I’d use it on the exact same trip.

  • CTT Services

    Nice! Now I won’t be late for work