Honeycomb is still lacking a bit in the app department as opposed to earlier Android releases. Of course this is to be expected since this official OS is so exclusive to tablets, and so far only one Honeycomb tablet has been released. However, Google Voice, one of the more popular apps from Google, has been sorely missed by those that already have a piece of the Honeycomb experience. Not to worry though, your cries of anguish have been heard and good news has come straight from the source…

Hi everyone,

Glad to hear from so many Xoom early adopters! As you’ve noticed, Google Voice isn’t available for Honeycomb yet. We’re working on it, and I’ll update this thread as more info is available.


Lucky for us, the Android community gets support from its creators. Wonder what kind of response the Apple people get when they want something. Hmm….

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  • Chahk

    So, has anyone figured out how to set up your account on Gingerbread/CM7 under Settings -> Call settings -> Internet call settings? It seems to barf on the “+” for me.

  • http://twitter.com/harpocrates23 harpocrates23

    The response from Apple when customers request something is…”We do what we want and you will like it”…and for some reason Apple fans do…they like being treated like they are drones…I think thats what makes Apple so good..it takes away the thinking from using their devices..so the Aple drones are happy they dont have to use their brain…just follow commands!!

    • mike

      at least our iPads have google voice and talkatone. stop being an Apple hater

      • Harpocrates23

        I’m not an apple hater..I’m a fan boy hater..the people who will buy an ipad 1 and an ipad 2 even though it does much less than any tablet in the market just because it’s the latest product from apple…it doesn’t mater that it had no inputs, no outputs, no flash, you have to use itunes to transfer files, it’s restricted from doing anything really..just so apple users can think they are so easy to use just because they can’t do anything..
        Learn about technology before you post on a technology forum fan boy!!!