Another innovation that allows more convenience when browsing the web has come our way. For those of you that consult the “almighty” Google in reference to any questions you might have, may have noticed that noticed a new feature that was introduced a few months ago. The new feature allows you to see a small preview of a search result without having to visit the link. That same feature is now available on your mobile phone.


It doesn’t work quite the same as the one of your computer, however I think the mobile version is better. When you get results back from your queries using Google’s mobile site on your phone, you’ll be presented with a magnifying glass next to each of them. Upon clicking said magnifying glass a page will pop up allowing you to to see instant previews of every link presented by your initial search. This new way of surveying your Google inquiries allows for more satisfying results when locating the proper source for whatever knowledge you’re trying to obtain.

[Wow that reads quite a bit different than my normal articles, maybe talking about Google makes me me feel a bit more intelligent.]
Source: Google Mobile Blog

  • harpocrates23

    I had noticed instant previews started on my phone but never paid attention to magnifying glass…thanx