It kinda seems like those with Samsung devices not running a Nexus S or Galaxy i9000 get no love from CM. However, like the Vibrant and Captivate owners a few developers have overcome this problem. Thanks to Dameon87, nullghost, and DevinXtreme, Epic 4G owners can now enjoy the enhancements of both Gingerbread and CyanogenMod’s newest release.

It’s worth noting that this is just an Alpha build so it’s probably not the greatest idea for a daily driver as somethings aren’t working. However, for those adamant about running the newest stuff, it may be worth giving a try. Dameon87 has noted:


First the disclaimer.
This software is considered ALPHA state. Some things will work, some will not. You will likely encounter bugs. Do NOT flash this if you expect the software to be fully functional.

With that said, a short list of things that DO work.

  • Radio works fully – Calling, SMS, Data
  • Bluetooth works for music only.
  • Wifi works fully.
  • Sensors work, but may be slow. Run /system/bin/sensorcalibutil_yamaha in terminal or via adb, place the phone on a flat surface, and hit Enter. Reboot the phone and sensors will function at normal speed.

What does NOT work ::

  • GPS
  • Camera
  • HW Acceleration in UI and in video, etc.

Thread under construction.

But the wait is over


If you’re willing to give this a try be sure to leave some love or report any bugs you may have in the XDA thread. Congratulations Epic owners!! Have fun! =)

[While we support development, we do not take responsibility for anything that happens to your device upon flashing software. If your device gets bricked, your dog eats it, or it self-destructs, we’re throwing our hands up. Not in celebration of course, however if that last thing happens get it on video. It would make a nice post. Have fun. =)]

Source: XDA-Developers

  • Anonymous

    Don’t forget punk.kaos! He’s been working on the fascinate version for some time

    • Jvcarter21

      So when does the update come out? Are they jus gonna launch it?

  • Anonymous

    Don’t forget punk.kaos! He’s been working on the fascinate version for some time