Deep from the bowels of XDA comes a new utility app for the more advanced users to play with. However, AS2DGUI isn’t a stand alone application, it was made as a way to easily configure the settings and options for a script, Darktremor Apps2SD.

Of course not everyone is going to be familiar with Darktremor AS2D. However, the new GUI by XDA member elgubbo, features all the options you can expect from the Darktremor script.

  • Show location of apps and toggle from Internal to EXT
  • Show if Zipalign runs on boot and toggle
  • Show if swap is activated and toggle
  • Set swappiness
  • Show location of Dalvik-cache and move it
  • Enable/disable Dalvik JIT
  • Set Dalvik heapsize
  • Set internal Low Memory Killer to different levels
  • System Info Screen

As I mentioned the GUI is not stand-alone so you’ll have to download a working version of Darktremor As2D Script at least version or higher. If you don’t have Darktremor and would like to make use of the GUI or perhaps just integrate the script itself into something, visit the XDA thread. For more information on the GUI, download links, bug reports, and stuff like that, refer to this XDA thread.


Source: xda-developers