Verizon’s upcoming LTE device from Samsung has all but confirmed it’s new “Droid” identity as the picture represents. Although it’s name, until announced by Verizon, is still elusive as there’s countless rumors running around. Will it we the Charge, Stealth (internal name), or the Inspiration (as suggested from a user that called Costco)? Who knows. The bigger question is will it a welcomed member of the Droid line. Samsung has a notorious reputation among the current and past owners of their devices.

Costco gave this device a tentative release date of April 7th, so we should see some information released by Verizon soon. Hopefully all the rumors will finally be laid to rest and “Big Red” let’s everyone know what’s going on with Samsung’s new mean machine.

Source: Pocket Now


  • Richard Ahlquist

    Bet this will have a locked boot loader. Any takers?

    • Jacob Cunningham

      It’s gotta fit in with the other Droids. =P