The last time T-mobile released a video regarding their new Sidekick 4G they were seeking to show off it’s new styling and give us a quick demo of the Android operating system it would be running. It seems they’re going a bit more in depth this time, giving us a glimpse of the feature the Sidekick line has become known for, messaging.

Of course that’s not all they want us to see below you find 2 more videos showing of the Google Services as well as the Media experience we can expect from the new Sidekick 4g.

Source: Phandroid via YouTube

  • androidEyez

    Its a female phone!! I’m waiting for the pyramid I think the G2 is a better pick as far as style and functionality!

    • abcdavidefg

      I dont think is a female phone. Is more like a teenager (male or female) that use facebook twiter and text 24/7.. In general I think is a good phone. If they put that keyboard in any other phone like the g2 or a mytouch 4g version with that keyboard would be great phone + dual core + all the new stuff

      • Anonymous

        the Droid should’ve had that keyboard.
        The kids want to SMS but I want to edit word docs and spreadsheets on my phone.

  • Rakwulf

    what is gchat? xD